Overnight Oatmeal

Last week I had overnight oatmeal for breakfast two mornings in a row. There are tons of different ways to make it. I started out simple…

1/2 C oatmeal, a little cinnamon, a pinch of pink salt, about 1 Tbsp raisins. Mix everything together in a small jar.

Cover with milk of your choice (I used flax). Drizzle with maple syrup for extra sweetness. Put the lid on the jar, and let it sit in the fridge for at least a few hours, but ideally overnight.

I used quick cooking oats because I like them to be nice and soft. The raisins added just the right amount of sweetness. It turned out so well, I decided to experiment with other ingredients.

So. This time I used a bigger container and started with 3/4 oatmeal. I added 1 1/2 Tbsp of hemp seeds, and 2 tsp of chia seeds.

Added cinnamon and a pinch of salt again, and this time I threw in a couple tablespoons or so of fresh blueberries. These blueberries happened to be on the tart side, so I still added a few raisins, drizzled it with maple syrup…

and again, covered it with flax milk. You may have to stir it up a little to make sure there are no dry spots at the bottom.

The next morning: voila! The flax seeds softened and the chia seeds helped the oatmeal get nice and thick.

Even though I’d been a little bit hungry after eating the 1/2 C of oatmeal on the first day, I was very full after eating the 3/4 C, and I’m pretty sure it was not only because of the larger portion, but also because of the added protein. Great for a strict fasting day, depending on what kind of milk you use – I was kind of disappointed to find my flax milk had canola oil in it. Ugh. Think I’ll stick to coconut and almond from now on!

I’m planning to do more with overnight oatmeal in the near future. What are your favorite additions?

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  1. We love our overnight oats! One morning we’ll make hot oats and while we have all the ingredients out, we make overnight oats to eat another day. Yum! (nice pics)

    • Thanks! That’s a good idea, in the winter especially I love hot oatmeal, but I don’t always have time to make it. Might as well make the most of it when all the ingredients are out 🙂

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