Simple Green Beans with Dill

Here’s one from a whole month ago! When my BFF was in town, I stopped by her parent’s house and her mom gave me tons of veggies fresh from their garden. I had a big bag of green beans, and this is what I did with them…


I sauteed onions in olive oil until they began to soften, then added the green beans (ends snapped off) and seasoned them with salt and dill. LOTS of dill! You can cook the beans just until they’re heated through if you like them crunchy.

Normally I would also add garlic, a little black pepper, and lemon juice, but Tete was coming over for dinner and, at the time, she was on a bland diet. As it turned out, the beans really didn’t need anything else. Try it yourself, they take almost no time to prepare!

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    • Welcome 🙂 These are kind of like Greek green beans, except I would’ve added all those things I skipped for the bland diet. And tomatoes, I forgot I also had to skip diced tomatoes! I’m glad I’m not on a bland diet!!

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