Brewery Vivante Brown Rice Risotto

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a few weeks ago I chanted my first wedding for a very sweet couple from my sister parish. The rehearsal dinner was at Brewery Vivant, which was really cool because I’d been wanting to go there for a while.

Sorry the pictures aren’t so great, I forgot to get pictures of the actual brewery until after dinner when it was getting dark.

But you get the idea.

The brewery is in a neat old building that, as you can see, used to be a chapel.

Original wood beams and light fixtures restored (I think I got this guy’s picture mid-chew!).

We were seated in a sort of indoor-outdoor area.

Of course there was a lot of beer, and hard cider, and root beer!

The vegan option that evening was a brown rice risotto, I don’t think it’s on the regular menu (although there is a red rice risotto on the menu). It had a nice clean, fresh taste. I got the full flavor of the individual ingredients, but they all came together nicely.

Yummy fries, which I also don’t see sold by themselves on the menu. But maybe you can get them anyway, they were really good – you can see the all that coarse salt…and you know how I love salt. The dipping sauce was not vegan, but I bet they’d bring you ketchup.

Looking over the menu, I definitely want to go back and check out some of the other vegan items. There is a vegan mushroom terrine, the aforementioned red rice risotto, and even a vegan dessert – a chocolate tart with a macadamia-fig crust, avocado-lime mousse, cocoa nibs and passion fruit. The prices are a little steep, but I’m sure I can find some special occasion worth the splurge.

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