Stuck at O'Hare: CIBO Express

This is the third trip in a row I’ve had a delayed flight! Since I’ll be getting into OR so late now, I decided to grab dinner. I found this handy little feature on the O’Hare website:


It can find your location, then tell you how far you are from whatever you searched for – in this case, I searched for “vegan”. Of course CIBO was in the B concourse, the one I flew into…but I had already walked to the C concourse in another terminal before I saw this. I got my exercise.

10 or 12 minutes later, I found CIBO Express in the main hall of terminal 2, across from a sushi bar.

Love seeing Vegan right on the sign ­čÖé

There was a big section in the refrigerated case with vegan sandwiches, salads, and meal pack with hummus, tortilla chips, and two small salads. None of it was cheap, but that’s the airport for you. There were lots of little snacks, too.

I went with the Vegan Jerusalem Steak sandwich, the “meat” is made with vital wheat gluten.

Since CIBO is just a place to grab something on the go, there’s no seating area. I had a heck of a time eating this thing, I had to sit in a seat in the main hall and stuff my face in front of hundreds of people. I did it, though. And it was good. I think it would be better at room temp instead of chilled, but it still had a nice flavor, a little sweet, and a good amount of heat from the jalape├▒os.

I grabbed a drink from another spot. Just another 1.5 hours to kill now!
(Well, the WiFi wouldn’t work at the airport so that was yesterday…)

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