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Yesterday we had the whole day to do whatever we wanted. So…we went shopping for food. This is my fourth trip to Portland, and every time I’m here I have to stop at Food Fight! Grocery. I do wish they would bring back the veggie dog carousel and the pay-by-weight nachos (complete with cheesy vegan nacho sauce you squirt from a pump!), but there are still plenty of other cool things to buy that I cannot find in Grand Rapids. But that nacho cheese pump, tho. But anyway,

FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Located at 1217 SE Stark, it is one of four businesses in an all-vegan strip mall. The others include Sweetpea Baking Co., The Herbivore Store, and Scapegoat Tattoo.

Every faux food you could ever want. “Fish” fillets, corn dogs, whoopie pies…

Taquitos and hot pockets!!!!!!!!!!!

Super expensive artisan cheese made with cashews and other fermented nuts. I decided I would wait on these, maybe I’ll get them in the giant box of vegan food my dad gets me for Christmas every year 🙂

Imagine if people had to pay $4.60 for a can of real tuna. Crazy.

Tons of yummy looking sweets,

and a few vegan jerkys I’d never seen before. But I did not buy any of these things.

First I grabbed a drink because it was about 90 degrees out. Heh, love-flavored kombucha. I also grabbed another jar of Magic Vegan Bacon Grease because I only have half a spoonful left of the jar I bought in Austin. And some Daiya Provolone, just because. But the most exciting stuff I found…

These new products from Earth Balance. The crackers are supposed to be like Cheez-its. I can’t remember the last time I ate Cheez-its, so I asked the BFF and BFF-in-law to try them and see if they’re similar. “Almost,” was the answer I got, but with a lighter cheese flavor. The puffs are interesting. They’re good, but I can’t tell if they taste cheesy for not. I’m surprised there’s no nutritional yeast in the ingredients, but maybe they were afraid they’d taste too much like Tings. The chips and Mac & Cheese I’ll have to try later and get back to you on. I’m super excited to see if the Earth Balance brand m-n-c is better than Mac n Chreese.

If you’ve been to Food Fight, what’s your favorite item to purchase there??

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  1. WOW looks like a great time – we would end up broke LOL and not have any money to go back home LOL My hubby is real excited about that M & C too…we haven’t seen it in Ohio yet either. AND very sad…Gardein brand stopped making their Ribletts 🙁 they were so good too!!

    • I can’t wait to try the mac n cheez, I’m saving it for when I get home. Everything else so far was pretty good (the crackers are my favorites, then the puffs, the sour cream & onion chips weren’t as, um, sour as I’d hoped).

      I think there’s another brand that makes ribletts, I used to buy them a lot when I first went vegan. They stopped selling them at all but one store in town, I’ll see if I can find them.

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