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My last full day in Oregon we went to Cartopia, a lot filled with food trucks at the corner of SE 12th and Hawthorne Blvd in Portland. I wanted pizza SO BAD. When we got there I discovered there was a lot of other food I wanted to try, too. I stuck with the pizza, but I took pictures of a few other places in case you’re interested.

Look for the big rotating sign on the corner.

Plenty of picnic tables, and tents to keep you out of the sun or rain.

Potato Champion has a couple vegan options – fries & five different sauces, and poutine.

As you can see, El Brasero has plenty of Vegans Burritos.

At Tahrir Square you’ll find falafel, vegetarian stuffed grape leaves, hummus. The usual.

And finally, Pyro Pizza!

They have a basic menu with a weekly special. Sub vegan cheese on any pizza for no extra charge! Vegan sausage, too, but I don’t know if that’s extra.

And they make their own pop! Erm, soda. Soda pop. It is made without high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors or flavors.

I thought all the food, and even the pop, was really beautiful. I love the look of a wood-fired crust.

I got the marinara pizza because it’s what I always ordered when I was in Italy so many years ago, I wanted to see how it compared.

Even though it was a little different, it tasted A LOT like what I remember (probably a regional thing, but the pizza I had over there had super thin crust and no basil). The sauce was wonderful, full of flavor – especially garlic. The Basil Lime pop was the perfect compliment. But if you really, really, really love garlic…

you should try the garlic bread. I think it’s made of the same dough used for the crust, covered in many whole cloves of garlic and heavily drizzled with olive oil. Since I was with my BFF, we were very polite and made sure to split the bread evenly between us. I think if she or I were sharing with anyone else, we would’ve stuffed a few extra pieces in our mouths when the other person wasn’t looking. By the way, the BFF loved her margherita pizza. We were both so happy eating our lunch, it was almost ridiculous.

Anyway, the above reasons are why I called this The Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had in This Country. Ever. Definitely check out Pyro Pizza if you’re in the Portland area.

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