Furniture City Creamery

I’ve been following Furniture City Creamery on facebook for about a month now, but I just finally got there last week. Why did I wait so long?!??!??

I didn’t take a ton of pictures because it’s a small space and I felt weird, but it has a fun retro look.

Kind of hard to see, but the vegan flavors are marked by a cute little bracket drawn on the glass case. They have multiple vegan, and gluten free, flavors every day. You can try a sample before you order. I tried the Apple Pie flavor, and guess what? It tastes EXACTLY like apple pie! I mean, it’s supposed to, but it was really dead on. I was impressed. In the end I went with Pumpkin Pie.

Mother went with a cup of Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip. She’s not really into sweets, so this was perfect – probably the most “savory” ice cream flavor, with a light nutty flavor from the toasted coconut. But still definitely a dessert!

Sure, you can just get a cup or cone of ice cream, but why not reminisce with ice cream on your grandmother’s davenport? Or at least ice cream in a davenport. As in, in one of these little bowl-shaped vegan oatmeal cookies!

There’s a cute little seating area outside. This was probably the last day this year anyone would ever want to sit outside and eat a frozen dessert. It’s getting so cold 🙁

Something for your pup. And finally….

My vegan Pumpkin Pie ice cream, reclining comfortably on an oatmeal cookie davenport, wrapped in a warm, snugly blanket of vegan caramel sauce. It’s all made in-house.

The ice cream is coconut milk-based, making it extra rich and creamy. The caramel had a perfect slightly burnt flavor. Now the davenport, I have to say, was a little hard to eat. I couldn’t get through it with my spoon, so I ate all the ice cream and then picked it up and ate it like a regular cookie. A regular cookie sticky with caramel and melted ice cream 🙂 But it was so very good.

And for green people who care ^

And in case the ice cream didn’t give you enough of a sugar buzz, you may want to try an Oatmeal Cream Pie (made by Sweet Batches). Delicious creamy frosting-type filling sandwiched between two extra sweet, soft oatmeal cookies. This was much too sweet for my mom, but I (keep in mind I have been known to sip maple syrup from the bottle) LOVED it.

Now I see on their facebook page they also have vegan hot chocolate!!!!! And hot coffee, and hot cider. I really want to go back and try the Apple Pie ice cream with a steamy cup of hot apple cider. Yeah. I will be going back!

Furniture City Creamery is located at 958 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

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  2. WAIT. Do you live in Grand Rapids!? I LIVE IN GRAND RAPIDS!!! Omg I LOVE furniture city creamery! I’ve actually been wanting to try their apple pie vegan flavor, so I’ll have to try it if they make it this fall because you said it was good! I’ve had their no bake cookie and the pumpkin spice flavor! I loved pumpkin spice 😋
    I can’t believe I randomly stumbled onto your blog (looking at #vegan on WordPress reader) and we both live in GR (assuming you do live there)! Gahhh this is so exciting!

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