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Okay, with all the excitement about Qrunch burgers and Just Mayo, I almost forgot to tell you about a really cool restaurant I visited a few weeks ago. I’ve driven past it a million times, and I knew they had veggie dogs on the menu, but I just *finally* bothered to check and found out the veggie dogs are, indeed, VEGAN. So.

Some friends and I went to Jonny B’z.

I love the retro decor,

and it’s neat to be able to see everything being prepared.

The walls in the back room are adorned by beautiful paintings of hotdogs and burgers… And there are pinball machines! But let’s talk about the food.

Of course I ordered the veggie dogs. I’m not sure if they make them in house or what, but they’re not like the standard rubbery pink kind. They have a more palatable texture, and the basic hotdoggy flavor. The dogs come in a square bun that kind of looks like two pieces of Texas toast, and it’s toasted on the flat grill. It’s wonderful.

So on this first trip I got a kraut dog. Then I read a review online and learned….

They use vegan chili for the chili dogs!!!!!!!! This was my first ever vegan chili dog that I didn’t have to make for myself at home. I was so excited. Oh, and the fries are very good, too. And besides having ketchup and mustard out, they provide vinegar and sriracha sauce. I loaded my fries with ketchup and vinegar and stuffed them in my chili dogs. It was very, very good.

So even though you kind of have to go to Yesterdog at least once in a while if you live in Grand Rapids, because that’s a thing here, I think Johnny B’z is going to give them some good competition, especially with the vegan crowd. Yesterdog’s veggie dog is just a bun with veggies in it. Johnny B’z gives you an actual veggie dog that also has veggies on it, and chili. If they add a vegan cheese to the toppings there will be no competition!

Well, I can think of three things they could do to really win over the hotdog-loving citizens of Grand Rapids:

1. Offer Frank’s Red Hot Sauce with the other condiments. The chili is good for someone who likes really mild foods, but Frank’s will take it to another level.

2. Please, please, please make the haystack onions vegan! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase. Thank you.

3. I’d pay an extra quarter if you spread margarine on my hotdog bun and sprinkled it with garlic powder before you toasted it. A chili dog in a garlic bread bun? That would magical.

Not to get too greedy or anything, though 🙂 I really loved my veggie dogs, and I hope to visit Jonny B’z again soon!

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  1. Those hot dogs are Worthington canned vegan dogs. They are a bold choice by the restaurant (canned dogs), and they are totally flavorful and delicious vegan dogs. I am crazy for Jonny B’z vegan chili dogs! I get them with pickle & onion, and then I go over to the ketchup/mustard stand, and put loads of both on mine. I don’t order it with ketchup/mustard b/c they have no concept how much I like on it, so I do it myself.

  2. Okay, wait. I might be wrong about what dog they use. I thought that was what they told me a couple years ago, and they promised me they were vegan. But all my research on web tonight shows they are not vegan (egg whites). Further research, and will let you know. NOTE: I have a feeling I am wrong about which dog they use. VeganGR lists them as a vegan dog place, and I’m sure they do their research.

    • Yeah, for that same reason – and because the guys working there seemed so sure of it – I believe they’re vegan, but…I think I’ll just ask what kind of dogs they use. They seem very open to answering questions about the food.

      • They’re vegan, they’re vegan!!

        I called this morning and talked to Matt just to triple double confirm – he texted me a photo of the can:

        He also swore me to secrecy, but I can say there are some AMAZING things coming down the vegan pipeline when they move into the new, bigger building across the street. Yay!

        Jon Dunn
        Vegan Grand Rapids

  3. I’ve been meaning to try both Yesterdog and Jonny B’z since I moved to GR last December. Now that I have the lowdown on the veggie dogs, I think I’ll try the vegan one at Jonny B’z and stay traditional at Yesterdog. Whenever I get around to it, that is — which hopefully is soon!

    • Uh oh, did I just convince someone to eat a real hotdog?! How very un-vegan of me!

      I’ll just add, I don’t think I ever had a real hotdog at Yesterdog, but I really do like the veggie dogs. It’s just that it’s more of a kraut sandwich, ya know? If you eat meat I don’t know what would ever entice you to try their veggie dog unless you really, really love sauerkraut. On the other hand, I’m told their traditional dogs only taste good if you’re drunk. So……

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