Junk Food Thursday: Herr's Hot Sauce Chips

Tryin’ a new thing: On the Oh, She Cooks! facebook page, Thursdays are #TBT Recipe day. Here on the blog, I think I’ll share a nice junk food snack. Cuz see, every Wednesday I come home from work and find a little snack, usually a bag of chips, waiting for me. My dad buys them from the vending machine. Thursday I bring the thing to work to have with my lunch.

So yesterday I came home and found this bag of Herr’s Hot Sauce flavored potato chips, “seasoned with the authentic pepper zing of Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce, and packed with the real-potato flavor of a Herr’s Ripple Chip.” Yum.

The chips really have a nice bite and a great flavor. Texas Pete’s sauce tastes kind of similar to Frank’s RedHot sauce, with aged cayenne red peppers, vinegar, salt, and garlic. It kind of felt like my tongue was being pricked with needles, but in a good way 😀

This little 1oz bag contains:
140 calories
8g fat (2.5 saturated)
400mg sodium
16g total carbs (1g dietary fiber)
2g protein
10% vitamin C
2% iron

0 thoughts on “Junk Food Thursday: Herr's Hot Sauce Chips

  1. You really should never NEVER post potato chip posts. Especially when I am currently without a car and unable to make a run to the store. These look great. I’ve never seen them before and with my potato chip addiction . . . . that was probably a good thing. Besides the vending machine where can these be found? I must try them. SOON.

    • See Melissa’s comment (if you dare!). I’m sure I’ve seen this brand at Big Lots, but I don’t know if they were the hot chips. Think they might have been ketchup flavored (also wonderful).

  2. It’s so neat your dad gets you a vegan snack every Wednesday, for you to find when you come home!! And that it’s meant for your lunch Thursday!! I’m glad you have such a neat dad!!!

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