Lindo Mexico Restaurant

Last week, Mumra and I were driving around 28th street when we passed this little Mexican restaurant and decided to check it out.

Lindo Mexico Restaurant. It was at an odd hour on Monday, so not many people around…

There’s just the one entrance on the side of the building, you go up the ramp to get in.

Cute place. I’m not sure why we hadn’t been here before!

As usual, we were starving (in a first world way). Luckily the menu is very vegan-friendly!

Chips and salsa (mild & hot) were free! We ordered a small bowl of guac, and bean dip – refried beans with onions and cilantro on top. The beans are cooked with vegetable oil, but you’ll have to ask for no cheese to keep it vegan. If you’re a salt person, you may have to add salt to both the beans and guacamole. I did…I love salt.

You could almost have a meal with just the appetizers, but we decided to try the vegetarian burritos.

The one in the foreground is mine, with a mild red sauce. Mumra’s in the background has the spicy green sauce, and is topped with onions and jalapenos. Once again, to keep it vegan ask for no cheese and no sour cream.

The burritos were really filling because of the rice. We added avocado to kind of replace the dairy, but it wasn’t necessary at all. The veggies inside were more traditional: carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini. They were nice and tender, the cauliflower was my favorite. The mild red sauce really was very mild, I ended up adding a little hot sauce. Adding a bit of the red salsa was good, too.

We liked everything about the place. Our waitress was very friendly and happy to answer questions about the menu, and make whatever changes we wanted. The prices were reasonable, the portions big enough for Mumra to bring leftovers home. I shamefully ate all my food even though I should’ve stopped halfway through the burrito.

Hopefully we’ll be back sometime for Happy Hour, or the Tuesday night drink special featuring a bucket of Coronas 🙂

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  1. Katherine a question: the corn chips…are they by any chance home made? or out of a bag? It would be nice to find a place that makes those authentic homemade chips…sigh…

  2. Oh I have been to Wyoming, Michigan many years ago, I’m afraid this restaurant was probably not there when I went as a kid. It sounds like it was a winner though. I love the option of Mexican Restaurants since it’s so easy to order vegan! I might add too that you have to ask how the beans are made since a lot of places make it with beef or chicken broth for more flavor.

    • That’s true, and sometimes cooked in lard – ick. Luckily our waitress totally got what we were after. And on the front of the menu at the top, it says they cook everything fresh to order, and advises you to tell your waiter if you’d like to omit or add anything. Wonderful way to run a restaurant!

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