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So, I normally only post about restaurants I would recommend. And oddly, most of the restaurants I would not recommend have poor lighting, so I end up not having any pictures even if I wanted to do a post! Unfortunately for Mandarin Buffet, they have a very well lit restaurant.

Mumra and I stopped in one afternoon after a day of running errands. We had both skipped breakfast and were quite hungry.

I mean really hungry. As you can see, Mumra filled two large plates with any and everything that appeared to be at least almost vegan, plus a little plate of veggie sushi, and a bowl of miso soup.

I tried to be a little more discerning. I went with green beans in garlic sauce, a couple vegetarian spring rolls, some sort of tofu, bean sprouts, and the vegetable delight. I also had my own little plate of veggie sushi.

They only had one kind of veggie sushi, just the stuff with carrots and cucumber. My favorite, avocado, was MIA 🙁 But it was okay for buffet sushi. The wasabi appeared to be the kind mixed with mayo, so I skipped it.

The vegetables were actually pretty good, especially the green beans. The spring rolls were kind of like the ones I bought from the dollar store – not a bad taste, but not great, and with hardly any filling inside. That did not stop me from eating five of them (three of my own, plus two Mumra refused to eat). But the fact I *could* eat five of them tells you how skimpy they are.

And then there was the tofu…it was silken tofu, and it basically tasted like nothing, but a little worse, and had an awful, mushy texture. The sprouts were not much better. They were way overcooked and limp, and just kind of clumped together. The sauce on them was okay, so I think both dishes could’ve tasted alright if they were properly cooked. I wish they had used a firm (NON-silken) tofu, frozen & thawed it, and marinated it in the sauce before cooking.

This is the stuff Mumra couldn’t choke down. I admit she’s pickier than I am when it comes to restaurant food, but… This was pretty bad. I didn’t try the soup, but she said it basically tasted like water.

By the way, the food shown on the Mandarin Chinese Restaurant website looks absolutely nothing like anything we saw. Maybe the stuff made fresh off the menu is better, or maybe they’re better at non-veg stuff. I dunno. But I would definitely recommend Ming 10 over Mandarin when you’re in the mood for a Chinese buffet.

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  1. Haha I love Mandarin, but I also love love Mapo Doufu. (Traditionally and always made with silken tofu.) ^^
    Those sprouts look/ sound pretty lame, though. And their sushi is terrifying. I don’t ever touch it anymore.

      • Yes Mapo Doufu (Tofu) is a traditional Sichuan dish, made with silken tofu. The Chinese use that type of tofu for a ton of food they make. I freakin love the stuff.

        I’ve only ever gone for their buffet. Have you been to the new place yet, on 28th Street called Chen’s something? I’m going to blog about it soon but you should check it out!

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