Pizza Week 2015, Day 3: Eggplant Pizza

Okay, I’ll try tonight to get caught up on my Pizza Week posts, but yesterday – Day 3 – I hosted a pizza party at my house with a bunch of friends from church.

2015-2-19 Vegan Eggplant Pizza
And we were having so much, I forgot to take pictures! We even had a whole conversation about taking pictures… Well, this is what was left of my cheeseless eggplant pizza at the end of the night. Here’s the recipe.
It was a potluck, though, so I didn’t force anyone to go vegan just a few days before the fast starts. I ate my pizza and was very happy to drink beer on a Wednesday, and after everyone left I ate some vegan cheese shreds straight out of the bag 🙂

2015-2-19 Vegan Reuben Sandwich
Then today for lunch I made a vegan Reuben, minus any faux meats. Just Ezekiel bread, Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, and Daiya Swiss. I used my toaster trick to melt the cheese which was interesting ‘cuz I could only fit the cheese side in there. The sauerkraut side was too thick and I was afraid it would fall apart inside the toaster. So I had a half toasted sandwich. I should get a sandwich press for the office, maybe.

Tonight I want to do something extra cheezy to make up for the lack of cheeziness yesterday. I have something fun in mind, I just hope it turns out better than my crock pot experiment!

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