Cantina Mexican Grill

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Today Nadira and I celebrated with lunch at Cantina Mexican Grill. I drive past this restaurant about 10 to 12 times a week, but today was the first time I stepped inside. They were very busy, but as soon as one party left they had the table ready for the next to be seated. We got in after just a few minutes, even though the restaurant was packed!

We didn’t actually have the famous bean dip. I’ll have to find out if it’s vegan ’cause if it is, I must try it next time.

It’s so cozy in the main dining area (there’s a basement, but it’s only open for dinner). Each booth is in one of the sort of alcoves in rows on either side of the bar. We couldn’t really see the other tables over the bar, so it felt nice and private. The one problem for vegans is…the booths are lined with what appears to be calfskin. Furry calfskin. I think they also had non-booth seating, might check that out next time. Anyway.

We started our meal with a couple Coronas. I had already looked over the menu and knew I wanted the Mexican pizza, if it could be veganized. The waiter was super helpful and offered to add extra veggies, and add a side of guacamole.

The pizza turned out beautifully. Ranchero sauce with refried beans, black beans, black olives, onions, green onions, tomatos, and jalapenos.

All of this on a flaky, fried tortilla crust. The waiter said he had never seen anyone eat an entire pizza before 🙂 He asked if I thought it was good enough to put on the menu, and I said DEFINITELY! I hope they really do add it.
I’d like to go back again for dinner, check out more of the menu & the room in the basement, and maybe play a game of pool with my dad. I hope I don’t ruin their pool table. Oh, and when it’s not rainy and gray you can sit outside!

Did you do anything special for Cinco de Mayo?

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    • I’ve made it at home (just a made up recipe), but this is the first time I ever had it on a fried tortilla crust. It changed the whole thing – loved it!

  1. Love it!! This is a must see next time we are in town…Anything with guacamole is usually delicious LOL…a whole pizza? that boy obviously has never seen a vegan eat LOL…it can be epic at times LOL

  2. One of our favorite Mexican eateries in Grande Rapidos!!! But we always search for more authentic…

    • I’m not sure what authentic Mexican food is like! But you might want to try Lindo Mexico. They put carrots, cauliflower & broccoli in their burritos, which makes me think of the tacos my parents described (with carrots and potatoes) when they visited Mexico.

      • I guess we’re looking for a place where we could recall our experiences in foods of Mexico…Lindo is a good choice…but better a place with authentic moles…not just out of a jar…

        • You probably want to try some of the little restaurants on Division near the big Salvation Army. Kind of a sketchy part of town, but when they barely speak English you probably have a good chance of getting the real stuff!

          • we have discovered this part of town…on Division between Burton and Griggs??? found a couple good ones…Cannot wait for our next visit to GR! Much better than Maggie’s on Bridge St.

          • Yes, I think that’s the area, definitely near Burton. There was one my mom and I used to go to a long time ago, but all we could get was the guacamole (because we didn’t know how to explain our dietary needs in Spanish). We’ll have to do more exploring.

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