Harvest Health Vegan Food Haul

Eeeeeeeeeeee, you guys! Last week I was checking out a blog I follow, Genki Kitty, and I discovered a new weird thing to love: Food Haul videos! Yes. People buy groceries, and then make videos about it! They are inevitably awkward (just search YouTube), but so intriguing for a snoop like me. I was shopping at Harvest Health Foods the next day, and next thing you know I’m making my own precious little video 🙂

“Hmmm…what could make my video less awkward?” I asked myself. OH. I’ll put on some Brian Eno in the background. Next I will organize all the food and come up with something clever to say about each item. Wait, it’s groceries. What can I really say? I know, I can make a joke. Oooh, that’s right…I sound exactly the same when I’m being serious as I do when I’m joking. No one can tell the difference. Not even me when I listen to myself.

So anyway, luckily I only bought a few random things, so this is pretty painless. I would love it if each of you made a Vegan Food Haul video to share! What did you buy? Where did you buy it? Why? WHAT IS IT?? OH, A LEMON???????!!

6 thoughts on “Harvest Health Vegan Food Haul

  1. What a great little video! Loved the background music! Not sure I agree that the cookies are the best ever, but they are WAY better than the other packaged, pricey cookies Harvest Health sells. The cookies you make are really much, much better. As for the Love’s I had something of theirs from Nourish that was incredible, although a bit too sweet for my taste. But it’s fun for an occasional treat.

      • Love that Daiya product! New fav is Jalapeno mozzarella brick from that company. Used it for Mexican lasagna. AND we found that the brick cheeses melt a lot better than the shreds. Really good! You will like that cream cheese too – not bad. Found a new other fav too – Tofuti sour cream – really good.

        • Oh yes, I’m a Tofutti fan! The Daiya blocks have an odd texture, but they work well in sauces. I think I have some Gouda at home, actually, I forgot about it!

  2. Mmm One snoop to another – I loved watching and seeing the local Michigan products to your area. I’ve actually never seen your products in our stores down here in the lower MI, Upper Indiana area. That is strange I think… The sorbet sounds amazing! Next time I am up in GR I will have to search it out. I’ve had the Earth Balance Cheese crackers but haven’t tested the popcorn. Now I want to after your suggestion. Mmm I’ve been afraid to test it because I just know I’m going to fall in love and want more. ha-ha That’s what happened when I tested the sesame sticks (I’m assuming that’s what is in the bag next to the popcorn?)

    • Yes, those are the sesame garlic sticks, my favorite! They and the popcorn are super addicting. I’m also a big fan of the Earth Balance mac n cheese, I stocked up when I found it on sale.

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