If It’s Vegan, I’ll Eat It: Dog Food Flavor Sprays

Well, this just goes to show I will try pretty much ANY food if it’s got vegan on it. A while ago I somehow came across these flavored dog food sprays. Only one had vegan on the label, but I contacted the company and they confirmed all flavors are vegan. So…I got one of each, except peanut butter because that’s probably more exciting for a dog than for me.

Vegan Dog Food Flavor Spray
These 8oz bottles of Dog Food Flavor Spray from Green Seal Products will probably last me a while, and I can imagine doing all kinds of things with each flavor. At first I tried just spraying the chicken flavor on my salad. It did give it an interesting grilled flavor, but I wanted something more exciting. But what?!??!

Fixing Bad Pizza with Dog Food Flavor Spray
Then the other day my dad ordered a vegan pizza for me. The restaurant puts cheese right in their sauce (WHY? I hate that), so I could only have crust, veggies, and oil. That would be fine if they weren’t skimpy on the oil, and made sure to drizzle over both the crust AND the vegetables. And maybe added a pinch of salt. But…nope. I got this dry pizza with wrinkly vegetables and crumpled spinach. Nice try, though.

Fixing Bad Pizza - Coleslaw!
So Plan A was covering the pizza in my homemade spicy coleslaw (chopped cabbage, grated carrot, salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, and dill to taste). That was awesome, but I only had enough for two of three pieces. Then I realized I’d been carrying these spray bottles around in my lunch bag. So.

Fixing Bad Pizza with Dog Food Flavor Spray
I went to town on this last slice of pizza. I sprayed it all over with the cheese flavor, then I squirted a little of each meaty flavor all over as if I were topping the pizza. It’s not a very intense flavor. Like, I think if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t be tricked into thinking this is a really meaty and cheesy tasting pizza (maybe you have to be a dog to truly appreciate it), but it gave it a good flavor. Kind of smoky and charred, and a little tanginess from the cheese spray that I think probably comes from lactic acid – don’t worry, there is such a thing as vegan lactic acid!

I plan on trying this again on sandwiches, pasta, etc. Oh yeah, I already tried the cheese flavor on popcorn, but I had to use 75 sprays and it just wasn’t quite the same. Might try again combining it with margarine and see how it goes. How would you use it?

Fixing Bad Pizza

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8 thoughts on “If It’s Vegan, I’ll Eat It: Dog Food Flavor Sprays

  1. There is no “fear factor” in anything vegan (plant-based), so barging ahead with vegan dog-food flavor-spray is fine and normal. I admire people who have their values so clear-cut in their minds that they know immediately what to say yes to and what to say no to.

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