Sweet Nothin’: Wink Frozen Desserts Review

Wink Frozen Desserts Review | Orthodox and Vegan
About a month ago I started seeing ads in my facebook feed for Wink Frozen Desserts, a vegan ice cream-type dessert that’s gluten free, soy free, and nut free, with no fat, no sugar, and only 100 calories per pint. I was immediately intrigued because I have a really bad habit of eating ice cream by the pint, usually adding up to about 1000 calories, 50g of fat, and close to 100g of sugar! Yes, even vegan ice cream typically has its foundation in sugar and fat…delicious sugar and fat.

What does ice cream without sugar and fat taste like?

Wink Frozen Desserts Review | Orthodox and Vegan
I started with the Cake Batter flavor. It looked kind of icy on top rather than creamy, I guessed that was because of the lack of fat. It did scoop pretty well and never really quite melted. Instead it got kind of…stretchy?
Now, we were having a hot streak when I bought it, and I admit I did sit down and eat the whole pint (we don’t have air conditioning, so I can live off popsicles for days in summertime). I think I may have also eaten the whole thing just because I could. And to see what would happen to me (nothing happened).

My dad asked how it tastes. “Like the absence of flavor.” And that is the truth. The ice cream is sweetened with monk fruit and stevia instead of sugar – and that would be fine, but you need something to carry the flavors. Fat is a flavor carrier, and without it the taste is just flat.

When I tried Cocoa-dough I discovered it tasted pretty much the same as Cake Batter. Cake Batter basically tasted like vanilla, and Cocoa-dough actually tasted more like vanilla than chocolate, too. I don’t think you can eat this ice cream unless you’ve first been hypnotized by the man with the red eyes.

Bottom line, a sugar free vegan ice cream sounds great, but I’m not allergic to anything and I want fat in my ice cream. Full fat coconut milk would be good. But if I were allergic to every kind of fat that would be good in ice cream, maybe this would do.

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