Be Attentive

On Ascetic Labors, by St. Gregory Palamas | Orthodox Quotes at Orthodox and Vegan
“The attentive person can do much more for himself and within himself: first of all, he can draw God’s attention, God’s love, God’s grace. Saint Symeon the New Theologian says that one must struggle, pray, weep, repent, and undertake ascetic labors – but all the while recognizing that it is not ascetic struggles that save us, but attention, God’s eyes, which see us in this spiritual disposition and condition. It is He, the Lord, Who saves us. Through one’s ascetic struggles one simply demonstrates that one desires salvation and that one is disposing oneself to it, that is, that one is attentive to it.”

-From The Heart is Deep: St. Gregory Palamas and the Essence of Hesychasm by Bishop Atanasije (Jevtic)

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