Taco Bell Copycat Vegan Crunchwrap

Taco Bell Copycat Recipe: DIY Vegan Crunchwrap | Orthodox and Vegan
So, although I had gotten tons of requests for a Vegan at Taco Bell guide, I was still really surprised by the popularity of that post! So I figured I’d share this DIY Vegan Crunchwrap recipe with all you Taco Bell fans. It’s super easy, and you will wonder why you never tried it at home before 😀

Taco Bell Copycat Vegan Crunchwrap
flour tortilla shell or gluten free wrap (at least 10″)
fillings of choice
oil, for cooking

Start by quickly heating your tortilla or wrap in the microwave for about 12 seconds, so it will be flexible. While it’s in the microwave, get your lightly oiled skillet heating on the stove over medium heat. I usually just give the skillet a quick spray of cooking oil.

When your tortilla is warmed, place the tostada in the center. Layer on the fillings, keeping everything centered on the tostada. If you’re adding anything that could make the tostada soggy, first add a “protective” layer – I usually use a piece of lettuce.

Now, take the edge of the tortilla and fold it in towards the center. Hold it in place with one hand, and use the other to fold in another portion of the tortilla. Continue until you have made a sort of rounded hexagon…or in my case, a six-a-gon. Don’t have to be perfect!

Place your crunchwrap folded side down in the heated skilled until it begins to be brown – about 30 – 60 seconds. Flip it and brown the other side. Eat it as soon as it’s cool enough to handle, otherwise the tostada will get soft!

DIY Vegan Crunchwrap

I use a 10″ tortilla and I’ve never ever been able to get it completely closed. Ah well, I’ll just have to keep practicing which means I’ll just have to eat more crunchwraps.

*If you don’t have a tostada (a flat, round, toasted or fried little tortilla), you can use tortilla chips. Make a circle shape by placing the chips side by side with the pointed ends facing in. Different brands will be different sizes and you may have to play around with them.

Vegan Crunchwrap Fillings

You can pretty much put whatever you want in your vegan crunchwrap, as long as it fits. My favorites include:
-Refried Beans
-Frank’s Redhot Sauce
-Vegan Cheese (try it with Homemade Coconut Milk Cheese)

I put the cheese on last so it’ll get all melty – yum!! Even though I can never close the thing completely, I’ve never had an issue with my fillings spilling out. I think it’s because I layer it in such a way that everything sticks together inside.

Pro Tip: Add a second tostada or layer of tortilla chips to make your vegan crunchwrap EXTRA CRUNCHY.

What are your favorite crunchwrap fillings? Tell us below!!!!!

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  1. I’ll let you know after I make one of these. It sounds amazing and I just picked up some tortilla chips AND flour tortillas. I’ll be going for a super crunch version. Along with the items listed I’d like to add green peppers, jalapeno, avocado and raw garlic. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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