What I Ate Wednesday: Homemade Veggie Burgers

Time for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Sorry it’s late, I was distracted last night watching a little map of the US turning blue and red.

Just want to point out the Nativity Fast begins next Tuesday, November 15. The Nativity Fast page is up now, and I’ll be sharing more actual recipes along with WIAW posts, including a new veggie burger recipe!

What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan Quesadillas | Orthodox and Vegan
I know I already posted tahini quesadillas recently, but…these are with my Tahini Nacho Cheez sauce instead of just plain tahini 🙂 And a nice big side of guac.

What I Ate Wednesday: One Pot Pasta | Orthodox and Vegan
If you hate doing dishes, a one pot meal is the way to go. Did you know you can actually cook pasta right in the sauce? Heat the sauce, add pasta, add enough water to cover and then bring it to a low boil. When it’s done, it’s DONE. You could even eat it right out of the pan if no one is looking.

What I Ate Wednesday: Dagwood Sandwich | Orthodox and Vegan
This giant sandwich contains two veggie burger patties made with a combination of soy crumbles and vital wheat gluten (seitan). My dad thought the crumbles would work like ground beef to make hamburger patties, but sadly they do not. I processed them with the VWG, sauteed onions, kidney beans, and seasonings and it worked perfectly. Well, almost perfectly – they were a little soft, but they’ve inspired me to do a seitan burger recipe!

What I Ate Wednesday: Big Salad | Orthodox and Vegan
Sometimes I even eat salad. Just throw in whatever vegetables you have, make it big, and add some nuts or seeds for protein so you won’t be hungry 5 minutes later. Fat is good, too, as long as you don’t go crazy. Lemon juice and olive oil with a little salt is my favorite way to dress a salad on oil days, and tahini sauce on oil-free days.

What I Ate Wednesday: Garlic Butter Crescent Rolls | Orthodox and Vegan
I was very bad last night while I stared at the map. I bought canned crescent rolls, filled them with hemp seeds, and brushed them with garlic dipping sauce from Papa John’s. It’s extra wonderful if you put a few drops of the garlic sauce in the filling, too. Then I made popcorn…with the garlic sauce. And I ate 1/4 of my St. Demetrios Cake.

If you have any requests for the Nativity Fast, post them below!!

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  1. Yummy! It all looks so delicious! And I’ve picked up another great cooking tip from you! Now there will be one less pan to clean next time I make pasta!

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