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Vegan Thanksgiving - Inflatable Turkey | Orthodox and Vegan
Well, I know I said I’d share some Thanksgiving recipes, but it turns out I wasn’t able to do a test run of my meal. However, I put together a Google Drive folder of recipes and ideas for a friend, and I figured it would be just easy to share that with you. Check out my Vegan Thanksgiving file, and feel free to share your tried and true recipes for everyone else to use (if you pass them on to me, I’ll add them to the file).

So far I’ve got:
-Classic Green Bean Casserole
-Maple Glazed Carrots
-Scalloped Potatoes
-Sweet Potatoes

And links to recipes for:
Scalloped Pineapple Bread Pudding (okay, that one is mine from long ago)
-Cranberry Port Sauce
-Quinoa Salad with Sweet Potato & Apple
-Roasted Beets with Pistachios, Herbs, and Orange
-Rosemary Potato Focaccia Rolls
-Simple Dinner Rolls
-Roasted Delicata Squash with Quinoa Salad
-Seitan Turkey
-Gluten Free Chickpea Cutlets with Mushroom Gravy
-Three Versions of Pumpkin (relatively healthy, gluten free, more traditional but vegan)
-Caramel Apple Cheesecake

See anything missing?? Let me know and I’ll do some digging for a recipe for you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes & Ideas

  1. Here was my Thanksgiving food, and it made a lot:

    -Trader Joe’s Turkey-less Stuffed Roast
    -Stuffing made from Meijer-bought bagged (vegan) Pepperidge Farm and Brownberry.
    -I made mashed potatoes (& used the delicious gravy comes with the stuffed roast).
    -Canned green beans
    -Canned carrots
    -Canned Ocean Spray cranberry sauce

    I was sooo lazy this year, and easily made it all vegan (Earth Balance butter, soymilk, etc.) and this was just so incredibly easy and I know it’s simple, but SO DELICIOUS!! Ha ha!!

    P.S. the canned vegetables are good!! 🙂

    • Heh, I like canned vegetables, too – I always use canned green beans for my Thanksgiving casserole 😀 I had the same roast, and some non-vegan relatives confirmed the gravy was awesome!

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