Response to Bon Appétit’s VeganEgg Review

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Vegan food has come a long way over the years. We’re living in pretty exciting times with the recent explosion of vegan products hitting the market, giving people a huge variety of alternatives to foods made of factory farmed animals. So when a friend pointed me to Bon Appétit’s critical review of VeganEgg, we decided I had to respond.
(It’s possible the review is an attempt at satire, but that should’ve been noted somewhere since this is supposed to be a reputable food magazine)

As soon as I could, I whipped up a beautiful omelet, capturing it all on video for you…an upside-down video because I don’t really have equipment for that sort of thing and I used velcro to attach my tripod to the handle of the microwave that sits above my oven. I really didn’t like that video. So…I tried twice more, forcing myself to eat an omelet each time. The final video, below, is about as good as it gets for me (my camera is perched on an upturned pot), and includes my cat going nuts playing with a pen.

Let’s talk about the review
1. “There are very few things I’m good at: finishing other people’s leftovers, ordering an appetizer so big I’m full by the time the meal arrives, and cooking scrambled eggs, the absolute limit to my culinary skillset.”
Right away he establishes his lack of cooking skills.

2. “I added two tablespoons of powdered egg to half a cup of water”
The water REALLY needs to be ice cold. Was it ice cold water, as directed?

3. “It’s probably three or four rubbery bites, tops.”
But the package clearly states 2 Tbsp with 1/2 C water equals one egg. You made one egg to divide between yourself and two guests.

4. “I made them salty baby food.”
Might have something to do with the “hefty dose of salt” you mentioned adding.

Response to Bon Appétit's Review of VeganEgg

VeganEgg makes a great omelet

On the other hand, one VeganEgg is a great serving size for one person, depending on how you serve it.

Now I admit VeganEgg is a little on the bland side. After all, for baked goods you generally wouldn’t want a strong sulfur taste that is characteristic of cooked eggs. So when you’re simply making a scramble, omelet, or quiche, you may want to liven things up with a little kala namak (black salt) – find it on Amazon. But other than that, I’m calling user error here. I’ve served VeganEgg to several non-vegans. Some knew in advance, some didn’t. They all agreed it had the taste and texture of eggs.

Response to Bon Appétit's Review of VeganEgg

But don’t just take my word for it. Thanks to a few other foodies, we can see just how beautifully VeganEgg turns out when used appropriately. Note: Some of these recipes may require more than one VeganEgg.

Check these guys out on Instagram:

Response to Bon Appétit's Review of VeganEgg
SunnyDazeAhead also made a beautiful omelet, complete with vegan sausage and hashbrowns

Response to Bon Appétit's Review of VeganEgg
_plantbased serves her scramble topped with Daiya shreds, and a side of avocado toast

Response to Bon Appétit's Review of VeganEgg
__lora’s amazing custard & raspberry pie

Response to Bon Appétit's Review of VeganEgg
Scramble on toast with mushrooms & vegan sausage by emmabrindley – I love ketchup on scrambled eggs 🙂

Response to Bon Appétit's Review of VeganEgg
And finally, a giant veggie quiche by vegan_cyclist

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