Vegan at Dollar Tree Dollar Stores

A while ago I read Hampton Creek Foods made a deal to begin selling a shelf stable version of Just Mayo at Dollar Tree stores, and there are quite a few locations all over Grand Rapids. In fact, I’d been hearing it’s pretty easy to go Vegan at Dollar Tree in general, and I wanted to check it out.

Stock can change frequently, so these items may not always be available – but the good thing is, when one item disappears it’s usually replaced with another!

Just Mayo - Vegan at Dollar Tree
So on my first trip I went straight to the condiments and found Just Mayo for just $1. Sure, it’s a small 8oz jar, but still – I think it’s actually cheaper to buy 4 for $1 each than to buy a 32oz jar from Meijer or Target. I bought three. (Wal-Mart apparently has the best price currently, but I don’t get out that way)

I poked around to see if there was any other neat vegan stuff.

Vegan at Dollar Tree
And here’s what I grabbed: bac’n pieces, vegetable stock, lime juice, an over-priced can of chickpeas (an impulse buy), frozen fingerling potatoes in an herb “butter”, a box of frozen soft pretzels, frozen green bean fries, and veggie spring rolls.

On my next trip, I realized I’d been overlooking a certain brand in the frozen foods.

Chef Ernesto - Vegan at Dollar Tree
I wanted to try Chef Ernesto! I grabbed another package of Jennifer’s Garden spring rolls, but also Chef Ernesto brand samosas, veggie burgers, and battered mushrooms. You will notice the Chef Ernest items are marked “100% Vegetarian.” They are, in fact, 100% vegan!

Chef Ernesto - Vegan at Dollar Tree And they all looked pretty good out of the box, too. I baked all of these, although you also have the option to pan fry, deep fry, or microwave, depending on the item.

Chef Ernesto - Vegan at Dollar Tree
The veggie burger came out beautifully browned, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s slightly smaller than a Qrunch Burger, but the perfect size for those cheap store-brand buns. Pretty spicy, but not overwhelming. They are made without soy and held together by potato, and I’m pretty sure they’re gluten free. The burgers come two in a box.

The spring roll wrappers were nice and crunchy. The filling is minimal, but good enough for the price – even a tiny bit better than I expected. They have a good flavor, but nothing special. I’d still get them again.

I was skeptical about the battered mushrooms, I figured there’d be a ton of batter and a tiny piece of mushroom underneath it somewhere. That was not the case, there was just the right amount of batter for a big piece of mushroom. The real problem I had is the batter never really got crispy. Maybe if I gave them an extra 5 minutes in the oven. I also wish the instructions would’ve suggested turning them halfway through.

Finally, those cute little samosas! They are mostly filled with potato, with maybe two or three peas thrown in. They were loaded with spices, though, and had a good flavor and a flaky crust. I don’t mind eating potato samosas, I’d do it again.

Some people were concerned about the ingredients, so I’ve provided pictures from the back of the boxes below.

Chef Ernesto - Vegan at Dollar Tree
Veggie Burger.

Chef Ernesto - Vegan at Dollar Tree
Battered Mushrooms.  

Chef Ernesto - Vegan at Dollar Tree

Jennifer's Garden - Vegan at Dollar Tree
Spring Rolls.

If you’ve gone vegan at Dollar Tree, what are your favorite finds? Are there any other discount stores where you find great prices on vegan items? Comment below and let me know!