Hospital Food: Meijer Heart Center

Yesterday I spent most of the day visiting someone in the Meijer Heart Center. Around lunchtime we went down to the first floor to find something to eat, and the differences between the two cafeterias we checked out was…interesting. First we visited the Fireside Grille.

2015-5-27 Meijer Heart Center Restaurants
“Make any burger a double.” In other words, “Come back real soon!” I didn’t see much for vegans on the menu here, let alone someone trying to eat healthier so they might avoid ending up in the Heart Center themselves.

On the other hand, we have the Mehney Terrace Bistro. They have a great selection of healthy/healthier choices on the made-to-order menu, and there were so many vegan options ready made I had a hard time deciding what to get.

2015-5-27 Meijer Heart Center Restaurants2
I ended up getting the curried veggie wrap, which is actually two delicious wraps (saved one for later) filled with couscous, chickpeas, peas, carrots and cranberries warmly seasoned with curry and lots of garlic; a chia parfait, a package of two gluten free vegan oatmeal raisin cookies by Liz Lovely, and chocolate almond milk.

2015-5-27 Meijer Heart Center Restaurants3
The chia parfait, made with vanilla almond milk, really freaked out my family because, well, chia pudding just looks weird. But I never see chia pudding around here, even in restaurants known for having good vegan options. It was kind of comforting 🙂 And those Liz Lovely cookies were excellent – super soft, and with a the perfect hint of molasses. Each cookie is considered two servings, and luckily I had three people to share them with.

There are a couple other places to eat at the Heart Center, but hopefully I won’t have occasion to try them anytime in the near future.

Bukhara Indian Bistro in Jamaica Plain

As promised, the Indian food I had for lunch on my first full day of vacation. We went to Bukhara Indian Bistro on Centre Street, just a short distance from the seminary.

Is three a crowd? Generally speaking…Yes, I believe it is. But not when it comes to three different kinds of vegan Indian food. Pictured above is my Pindi Chhole, a lovely stirfry of chickpeas, green peppers and tomatoes. I got it mild so I wouldn’t get a runny nose or hiccups….

C’s Baingan do aloo, featuring twice baked eggplant, potatoes, cilantro & scallions, and what appears to be a huge chunk of red pepper. Also mild.

Finally, we have the Tofu saag, featuring the delicate hands of a doctor so eager to eat he couldn’t even wait for me to finish taking the picture (the day we met, remember?). Oh, you want to know the actual ingredients in the food? Sure. Tofu tossed in spinach gravy. Medium heat for this one.

By the way, doesn’t the table look really cool?

We also got mushroom samosas, but I was too busy eating to take a picture. Everything was good, and the portions were very large (at least for us girls). Sadly, we left our boxed leftovers sitting on the table when we left the restaurant. We would have gladly eaten the leftovers for dinner, but instead we ate at the cafeteria.

A salad of baby spinach, tomatoes, red onion, green & red bell peppers, kidney beans, chickpeas, olives cucumber and sunflower seeds (did I miss anything?) dressed with olive oil and sea salt. The hummus is what it made it, though.