2015 Pascha Basket: Part 1

Yesterday I had to make a stop at Harvest Health, so I figured I might as well start grabbing things for my Pascha basket. One cool thing about Orthodox Easter (besides everything) is the candy is usually half off by the time we celebrate. Unfortunately that does very little for vegans 🙁 But I did find some gummy candies on sale at HH. No chocolate bunnies or anything.

It’s okay, though, because I’ve found some great recipes for homemade peanut butter cups, and I’m going to make my infamous booze-soaked chocolate cake. I also have macadamia nuts and pine nuts for making fancy vegan cheese (hoping to get it fermenting Saturday). Since I don’t break the fast with the usual stuff, I just like to splurge on things like $5 bags of marshmallows or whatever.

What plans do you have for your basket this year?

taza chocolate: Mexican-style stone ground salted almond chocolate

Okay, I told a little white lie – I do have more pictures from my trip! How could I forget about chocolate??? When people find out I’m a vegan, there are many things they assume I cannot partake of. One thing I often hear, from women, is “Ooohh…so you can never eat chocolate?!” Ooohh how wrong you are. There are lots of milk-free chocolates, and I discovered yet another one during our visit to the Harvard Book Store.

Taza Chocolate

Dairy free, it says : )

I wish now I would have splurged and bought a sample pack, or better yet the full size of each flavor.

The Salted Almond flavor is so good, I’m eating just a little at a time to make it last. The texture is an odd combination of grainy and creamy. Grainy when you first take a bite, then creamy as it melts on your tongue. The almond is definitely not very noticeable since it’s ground up, but there’s a hint of the salt and it just makes the chocolate seem that much sweeter.

The wrapper says the chocolate can be used to make traditional Mexican hot chocolate. Should I do it? Or savor the little chocolate chunks one tiny bite at a time???