Rise! Grand Rapids

I had a very special treat last night (and this morning). A long while back I went to the first ever vegan pop-up bakery hosted by Vegan Grand Rapids. Since I follow them on facebook, I knew ahead of time there would be vegan donuts from Rise! Grand Rapids here in Michigan, and that’s what I was looking forward to the most. The event started Sunday at 11am, but I didn’t get there until 12:30 because I waited til after church. Well, after just 1.5 hours, all the donuts were sold out! In fact, nearly everything was sold out, but I think the donuts were first to go, selling out in something like 45 minutes.

Well, there was another pop-up bakery event last Saturday. All the vendors brought more stuff this time knowing how popular it would be, but guess what? The donuts sold out AGAIN! I was disappointed, but not too badly, because….

Gluten Free Vegan Donuts from Rise! Grand Rapids in Michigan
I’d already placed an order for two dozen donuts for a dinner party just a few days later. Since it was an autumnal party, I went with Maple Glazed Pumpkin (left) and Apple Cider with cinnamon and sugar (right).

Here at Rise everything is made from scratch with true and fresh ingredients. We love representing the conscious side of pastry and pride ourselves on creative spin-offs to the classics. We believe that food is at the heart of community, so come as you are. Have a seat at the table.
-from the Rise Grand Rapids facebook page

Gluten Free Vegan Donuts from Rise! Grand Rapids in Michigan
We had a ton of food, so I was too full to eat two whole donuts after dinner…even though I really, really wanted to. I couldn’t choose between the flavors, so I did what any reasonable person would do. Half of each.

Now, I’m not a gluten free person – I love gluten! I think there were only two gf people at the party, and one singular vegan. What if the donuts tasted vegan, or had a gluten free texture? You know, like what if they are weird and gross I think is some people’s fear. Not my friends, though. They’re used to eating all the interesting things I bring around. So, together we ate 19.5 donuts.

Gluten Free Vegan Donuts from Rise! Grand Rapids in Michigan
Here’s what we decided:

-No weird texture, we wouldn’t have known they were gluten free
-No weird “vegan” taste. Just GOOD.
-Really good.
-Especially impressed with texture of the Apple Cider donut. It was just a little crunchy and slightly browned on the outside, and perfectly soft and light on the inside. Everyone agreed the crunch was a plus, it was perfectly done.

Now, this morning they were day-old donuts. Were they stale? Not one bit! The crunchiness of the Apple Cider donut was gone, but it was replaced by a wonderful slightly-burnt caramel taste, probably caused by some of that sugar coating melting into the browned parts. I seldom drink coffee, but this was the perfect breakfast.

Lots of people were interested in ordering their own donuts, and I hope you’ll be interested, too! Rise also does cakes (including special occasion cakes) and cupcakes. And not only do they have delicious sweets, their customer service is wonderful. Great communication.
To see some of the lovely donuts and cakes that have come out of this brilliant little home-based bakery, visit the Rise Grand Rapids facebook page. Should you decide to place an order (DO IT), contact information is provided in the About section.

Donuts for Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s your favorite place to get vegan donuts?

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Donut Sandwich

Can we talk about donuts again? Because I haven’t been able to bring myself to eat the last day’s worth of Greenlite meals yet – I’ll try to do that Friday. So instead I want to remind you about the contest I posted yesterday (click on the orange!!), and…I want to talk about donut sandwiches.

2015-6-11 Donut Sandwich Vegan
The apricot jelly really would’ve tasted better with a ham flavor, but it is what it is.

2015-6-11 Donut Sandwich Vegan2
I just cut one of those beautiful fried yeast-risen donuts right in half, smeared a little jelly on each side, added a few deli slices, and then a cheese sauce I made by melting down some Daiya shreds in almond milk. A touch of pepper is nice.

2015-6-11 Donut Sandwich Vegan3
See, the ham-style would be better because then you get the salty and sweet combination. The turkey-style was a little flat. But since it was all wrapped up in a donut, it still made me happy 😀

2015-6-11 Donut Sandwich Vegan4
Just be sure to let the cheese cool a little before you put the second half of the donut on top ‘cuz it’ll slide right off.

What would you put in your donut?????

Propaganda Doughnuts 

So last night I mentioned the lady that choked on a doughnut right in the middle of National Doughnut Day, and said I was going to play it safe by not eating a doughnut. Well friends, that was a lie. The truth is I wasn’t too keen on driving downtown by myself at night, but I really, really wanted a doughnut. So badly. And Propaganda Doughnuts had a vegan supply.

Well, when a girl wants to feel safe, who does she call? DAD. At first he said he was too tired, but an hour later he called back and said he’d go if I’d drive. “I’m not going to eat any doughnuts,” He said. “But I’ll go so you don’t have to go alone.”

I called ahead to make sure they still had the vegan doughnuts, and they put four aside for me (thank you!!!!).

2015-6-6 Vegan Propaganda Doughnuts
So we pulled up to this cute old storefront you could easily miss from the road, thank goodness Siri was looking out for it. It’s right next to The Bandit Queen, the ramen place I’m hoping to try soon.

2015-6-6 Vegan Propaganda Doughnuts2
They had vegan ice cream to go with the doughnuts! Love’s is that ice cream I showed you in my cheezy food haul video, it is delicious. If we’d been eating in I would have definitely splurged and gotten a scoop of ice cream on my doughnut.

2015-6-6 Vegan Propaganda Doughnuts3
I couldn’t get a full picture of the day’s menu because a group of hipsters were standing in front of it stuffing their faces – I don’t blame them, I wanted to immediately begin eating every vegan doughnut in the place. Man did it smell it good in there. Anyway. The only vegan thing was the yeast risen doughnut. The non-vegan options included Blueberry Jam Shortbread, Chocolate Stout with Potato Chips, Smoked Whiskey with Torched Coconut, plain glazed, sprinkles, cinnamon & sugar…

2015-6-6 Vegan Propaganda Doughnuts4
These. So my dad looked at all these fancy flavors, and what does he do?

2015-6-6 Vegan Propaganda Doughnuts5
He ignores all those doughnuts on the counter and points to these big, fat, puffy doughnuts back there on the third rack from the top. “I want one of those!”

Guess what? That’s the vegan yeast raised doughnut. He picked the only vegan doughnut in the place. So then of course he had to get a second kind, probably in case the vegan one was no good.

2015-6-6 Vegan Propaganda Doughnuts6
But we discovered the vegan doughnuts are DELICIOUS. They are so light and airy on the inside, and a crispy on top with a thin layer of sweet, sugary glaze that breaks apart when you bite into it and melts on your lips and tongue. And there’s just this tiny little hole in the middle, it’s like getting bonus doughnut.

I ate one before I remembered to take a picture. I might use another one to make a breakfast sandwich. So much for making Sunday my fat day, I think I’m having a fat weekend.

Vegan doughnuts are not available every day, so check the Propaganda Doughnut facebook page to see what’s offered daily. I think they also sometimes have gluten free options!

Voodoo Doughnuts & Sweetpea Baking Co

I love giving myself an excuse to eat six doughnuts in six days. In this case, I decided I must try doughnuts from two different locations and compare.

My first full day in Oregon, we headed out to Voodoo Doughnuts. They have a large selection of vegan doughnuts, but they make just one batch a day – when they’re gone, they’re gone. I tried to order off the menu but the first couple I asked for were already sold out.

The chick at the counter told me I needed to look at what was in the rotating case because those are the kinds still available. Just one problem…the doughnuts in the case aren’t labeled, so how am I supposed to know what flavors they are? I just continued picking from the menu until I hit a couple still available.

I got maple glazed and the Diablos Rex. I kinda wish I would’ve saved the maple doughnut for my Philly Cheesesteak Qrunch Donut. But anyway.

The next day we went to Sweetpea Baking Co and it was a very different environment.

First of all, everything is vegan.

EVERYTHING. If it’s in stock, it’s in the case and it’s clearly labeled. And the people there are super friendly and patient.

I went with a big fat slice of Brownie Chunk Cheesecake, it was wonderful. And they have doughnuts on Saturdays!

Doughnuts are usually available at 9am. We had a slight miscommunication and arrived at 8am, and we couldn’t wait around until 9. They agreed to box up one of each doughnut and hold them for me until I could get back that evening! It was very tempting to buy even more sweets, but we were heading over to an all-vegan bar!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll tell you about that later.

So. Voodoo Doughnuts:

They have a bigger selection of doughnuts, but it’s hard to know what’s available just looking at the unmarked doughnuts in the rotating case. Staff isn’t very friendly at all and seem like they just want you to get out of the way.

Sweetpea Baking Co:

They only had four doughnut flavors, but they also have a ton of other vegan baked goods. Staff is friendly, they seem like they like people. The doughnuts themselves are actually not very sweet, just the frosting is, but I think that makes them easier to eat for breakfast 🙂

Do you have vegan doughnuts in your city?

Red Rabbit Bakery at the Farmers Market

So, on my Sunday in Austin we popped over to the farmers market right after church.

There were tons of food trucks, and a few had vegan options.

It was a beautiful day, and…

there were a bunch of people playing harps. Huh. You might wonder what could be better than all this, and I will tell you.

DONUTS. Donuts are better than almost everything. Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery is another vegan business I’ve been stalking on facebook the past several months, and I was so excited to finally, FINALLY have a freshly-baked vegan donut!!!!

Apparently other people felt the same way because by the time we showed up nearly all the vegan donuts were gone – but this picture was actually taken after I asked the gentleman at the booth to please give me one of every flavor he had left.

So what ended up in my little box??

Chocolate glazed, spicy Mexican chocolate glazed, jelly-filled, Austin Cream Pie, vanilla lavender glazed, and lemon & rosemary glazed.

They were so good. I can’t remember the last time I had a non-vegan donut, but I am told the texture was spot on. The Mexican chocolate was delicious, with a nice burning sensation in the back of the throat after a couple bites (do not give this to a 4-year-old, my mistake! [in fairness, we couldn’t tell the difference between Mexican chocolate and regular chocolate just by looking]).

We cut the donuts into pieces so we could all try every kind. Next time I have to get there earlier so I can finally have an apple fritter, that’s what I want so bad!! But the Austin Creme Pie was wonderful even though it was a day old when I ate it (somehow we couldn’t manage to eat all five donuts in one night).

I’m really sorry I forgot the name of the guy at the booth, but he was really nice and gave me a list of vegan food spots to visit, and pointed out his favorites. Unfortunately I only had one day left of my trip at that point and didn’t have time to visit any of the awesome sounding places, but I have a list for next time!

Do you have a bakery in your area that makes vegan donuts? Tell me about it!!