Harvest Health Vegan Food Haul

Eeeeeeeeeeee, you guys! Last week I was checking out a blog I follow, Genki Kitty, and I discovered a new weird thing to love: Food Haul videos! Yes. People buy groceries, and then make videos about it! They are inevitably awkward (just search YouTube), but so intriguing for a snoop like me. I was shopping at Harvest Health Foods the next day, and next thing you know I’m making my own precious little video 🙂

“Hmmm…what could make my video less awkward?” I asked myself. OH. I’ll put on some Brian Eno in the background. Next I will organize all the food and come up with something clever to say about each item. Wait, it’s groceries. What can I really say? I know, I can make a joke. Oooh, that’s right…I sound exactly the same when I’m being serious as I do when I’m joking. No one can tell the difference. Not even me when I listen to myself.

So anyway, luckily I only bought a few random things, so this is pretty painless. I would love it if each of you made a Vegan Food Haul video to share! What did you buy? Where did you buy it? Why? WHAT IS IT?? OH, A LEMON???????!!