What I Ate Wednesday: Home Cooking and Whole Foods

Hey guys, it’s time for another round of What I Ate Wednesday!!! Are you ready?!

This past weekend I was blessed to attend the wedding of a dear friend of mine at All Saints Greek Orthodox Church in Joliet, IL. I would’ve loved to have taken pictures of the vegan options I had during the reception (kalamata olives, lagana bread, horta, fasolakia, and fresh fruit – all delicious!), but sadly my phone died. Although that did allow me to fully enjoy the reception without getting caught up in trying to take pictures of everything. Consequently, I will instead share some of the vegan food I enjoyed while staying at my sister’s house.

What I Ate Wednesday: Homemade Vegan Pancakes with Chocolate Chips & Bananas | Orthodox and Vegan
Saturday morning we were treated to a pancake breakfast, and my sister made these vegan chocolate chip pancakes from scratch. The milk-free chocolate chips are from Trader Joe’s. Instead of syrup, I had mine with maple peanut butter I found in the fridge, and added sliced banana to round things out.
I don’t remember all the beverage options, but I do know there was almond milk, Califia Farms cold brew, and Chai Tea.

I don’t have a picture of this to share, either, but Monday was my nephew’s name day and we were treated to a breakfast buffet. Along with more vegan pancakes, there was a large bowl of fruit and berries, homemade vegan banana bread, and chocolate peanut butter breakfast bars – also homemade by my sister!
Then she sent us home with a little bag of the banana bread, some apples, and a couple Lara Bars. Isn’t she great?

What I Ate Wednesday: Whole Foods Salad Bar | Orthodox and Vegan
Pretty much any time I’m in the Chicago area I like to hit up Whole Foods, especially the salad bar. And every time, I end up getting a huge salad that runs me about $15! It’s because I mix all kinds of random stuff together, I like to try everything. This time I tried to be more careful. Here’s what I ate: A mix of salad greens with a ton of proteins – peas, chickpeas, black beans, tofu, sunflowers seeds, and sliced almond – with onions, bell peppers, and beets. I also added a little scoop of Detox Salad. Then I covered everything in apple cider vinegar and olive oil 😀 If you’re lucky, you might find a Whole Foods location that also offers nutritional yeast at the salad bar.

What I Ate Wednesday: Whole Foods Buffalo "Chicken" Strips | Orthodox and Vegan
And for a special treat I got half a pound of Buffalo Bites from the Whole Foods deli, made with Beyond Meat. I’m sure these are meant to be cooked in some way, but any time I needed a snack I just ate a few straight from the container, cold. They’re flavorful and pretty spicy, and I bet they’d taste great dipped in Follow Your Heart brand Bleu Cheese Dressing.

What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan Cheese and Deli Slices | Orthodox and Vegan
And a few other things I couldn’t help but grab during the shopping trip. I admit I can get the Daiya Cheezy Mac at home and just grabbed it on a whim, although I do think it’s a little cheaper at Whole Foods. The Miyoko’s and Leaf Cuisine cheeses were on sale, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen either of them in Grand Rapids yet. I bought vegan bologna along with a loaf of freshly-baked sandwich bread for a quick snack (after dancing for hours at the wedding reception, we got home at 1am and I made a sandwich with just five deli slices and mustard).

The Leaf Cuisine Garlicky Herb spread is great on toast, and within the week I’ll share a sandwich recipe for Miyoko’s Smoked Farmhouse – you could just eat the Farmhouse cheese plain, though.

Overall I was very well fed this weekend. I’m thankful for family and friends that think of me and always make sure there’s something vegan-friendly on the menu. Do you receive the same kind of hospitality when you stay with family and friends?