Hospital Food: Meijer Heart Center

Yesterday I spent most of the day visiting someone in the Meijer Heart Center. Around lunchtime we went down to the first floor to find something to eat, and the differences between the two cafeterias we checked out was…interesting. First we visited the Fireside Grille.

2015-5-27 Meijer Heart Center Restaurants
“Make any burger a double.” In other words, “Come back real soon!” I didn’t see much for vegans on the menu here, let alone someone trying to eat healthier so they might avoid ending up in the Heart Center themselves.

On the other hand, we have the Mehney Terrace Bistro. They have a great selection of healthy/healthier choices on the made-to-order menu, and there were so many vegan options ready made I had a hard time deciding what to get.

2015-5-27 Meijer Heart Center Restaurants2
I ended up getting the curried veggie wrap, which is actually two delicious wraps (saved one for later) filled with couscous, chickpeas, peas, carrots and cranberries warmly seasoned with curry and lots of garlic; a chia parfait, a package of two gluten free vegan oatmeal raisin cookies by Liz Lovely, and chocolate almond milk.

2015-5-27 Meijer Heart Center Restaurants3
The chia parfait, made with vanilla almond milk, really freaked out my family because, well, chia pudding just looks weird. But I never see chia pudding around here, even in restaurants known for having good vegan options. It was kind of comforting 🙂 And those Liz Lovely cookies were excellent – super soft, and with a the perfect hint of molasses. Each cookie is considered two servings, and luckily I had three people to share them with.

There are a couple other places to eat at the Heart Center, but hopefully I won’t have occasion to try them anytime in the near future.

oatmeal scam??? someone please explain

Dear readers, maybe one of you can help me understand something. I have two containers of oatmeal here…

201327 oatmeal
Both are Meijer brand (local grocery store). Now let’s look closely. On the front, the oatmeal on left reads “Quick Oats” while the one on the right reads “Quick Oats, all natural oats“. Now let’s look at the ingredients on the back….

201327 oatmeal2
The ingredients in those plain old Quick Oats are 100% natural whole grain rolled oats.
The ingredients in those Natural quick oats? 100% whole grain rolled oats.

What is the difference? The real difference is $2 – the plain Quick Oats made with 100% natural whole grain rolled oats cost $2 less than the Natural Quick Oats made of plain whole grain rolled oats.