eating with grandma

Random food pictures from this weekend, when Mother and I visited the grandparents.

2013514 grandmas
Grandma found these gluten free vegan mushroom rolls at the Farmer’s Market. I was the only one brave enough to eat a couple. They were…weird. The texture was nice for gluten free, but taste was kind of strange. Even grandma said to please take them home because she tried one little bite, and that was enough. I try not to eat things with a million ingredients, but I guess I’ll do it for my grandma, and for Mother’s Day : )

2013514 grandmas2
At least we had nice salads for dinner. I brought along some of the cashew cottage cheese-type stuff I made for Pascha and I didn’t even need any dressing, just a little salt and pepper.

2013514 grandmas3
Mom added balsamic vinegar to hers.

2013514 grandmas4
Luckily most of my family loves popcorn as much as I do. We each had our own giant bowl to eat while watching the season finale of Survivor (I never watch the show at home, but have seen the past two finales with my grandparents). I made another mustard sauce, but used olive oil this time instead of margarine.

2013514 grandmas5
Pretty good stuff. I sprinkled it with a little garlic and a lemon seasoning blend.

2013514 grandmas6
Asparagus for lunch, blackened in olive oil with fresh garlic and lemon juice, and a bit of salt.

2013514 grandmas7
Even more blackened food. Mom did the cauliflower…

2013514 grandmas8
and grandma lightly boiled some Brussels sprouts.

2013514 grandmas9
Our lunch.

2013514 grandmas10

2013514 grandmas11
We used some of the fancy mustard from my Pascha basket to dress up the veggies.

2013514 grandmas12
And P.S. I had Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum for the first time in about 20 years. I spent both the car ride there and back blowing bubbles and then biting them and making that horrible popping sound. Mumra didn’t even complain.