Angelic Powers Exalt You

Angelic Powers Exalt You: Orthodox Quotes & Prayers | Orthodox and Vegan

Around Your throne in heaven
angelic powers exalt you
with ceaseless hymns
and unending songs of praise;
so may Your praise be ever on our lips
that we may proclaim
the greatness of Your holy Name.
Grant that we may
share in the inheritance You have promised us,
together with all those who hear You, who walk in
Your truth
and obey Your commandments;
we ask this
through the mediation of the holy Mother of God
and all the saints.

Through the great goodness
of your only-begotten Son
who with you and your most Holy
and life-giving Spirit
is to be praised
now and for ever,
to the ages of ages. Amen.

-Sunset Prayer from Praying with the Orthodox Tradition from an 8th century codex,