Pyro Pizza Portland at Cartopia

My last full day in Oregon we went to Cartopia, a lot filled with food trucks at the corner of SE 12th and Hawthorne Blvd in Portland. I wanted pizza SO BAD. When we got there I discovered there was a lot of other food I wanted to try, too. I stuck with the pizza, but I took pictures of a few other places in case you’re interested.

Look for the big rotating sign on the corner.

Plenty of picnic tables, and tents to keep you out of the sun or rain.

Potato Champion has a couple vegan options – fries & five different sauces, and poutine.

As you can see, El Brasero has plenty of Vegans Burritos.

At Tahrir Square you’ll find falafel, vegetarian stuffed grape leaves, hummus. The usual.

And finally, Pyro Pizza!

They have a basic menu with a weekly special. Sub vegan cheese on any pizza for no extra charge! Vegan sausage, too, but I don’t know if that’s extra.

And they make their own pop! Erm, soda. Soda pop. It is made without high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors or flavors.

I thought all the food, and even the pop, was really beautiful. I love the look of a wood-fired crust.

I got the marinara pizza because it’s what I always ordered when I was in Italy so many years ago, I wanted to see how it compared.

Even though it was a little different, it tasted A LOT like what I remember (probably a regional thing, but the pizza I had over there had super thin crust and no basil). The sauce was wonderful, full of flavor – especially garlic. The Basil Lime pop was the perfect compliment. But if you really, really, really love garlic…

you should try the garlic bread. I think it’s made of the same dough used for the crust, covered in many whole cloves of garlic and heavily drizzled with olive oil. Since I was with my BFF, we were very polite and made sure to split the bread evenly between us. I think if she or I were sharing with anyone else, we would’ve stuffed a few extra pieces in our mouths when the other person wasn’t looking. By the way, the BFF loved her margherita pizza. We were both so happy eating our lunch, it was almost ridiculous.

Anyway, the above reasons are why I called this The Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had in This Country. Ever. Definitely check out Pyro Pizza if you’re in the Portland area.

Voodoo Doughnuts & Sweetpea Baking Co

I love giving myself an excuse to eat six doughnuts in six days. In this case, I decided I must try doughnuts from two different locations and compare.

My first full day in Oregon, we headed out to Voodoo Doughnuts. They have a large selection of vegan doughnuts, but they make just one batch a day – when they’re gone, they’re gone. I tried to order off the menu but the first couple I asked for were already sold out.

The chick at the counter told me I needed to look at what was in the rotating case because those are the kinds still available. Just one problem…the doughnuts in the case aren’t labeled, so how am I supposed to know what flavors they are? I just continued picking from the menu until I hit a couple still available.

I got maple glazed and the Diablos Rex. I kinda wish I would’ve saved the maple doughnut for my Philly Cheesesteak Qrunch Donut. But anyway.

The next day we went to Sweetpea Baking Co and it was a very different environment.

First of all, everything is vegan.

EVERYTHING. If it’s in stock, it’s in the case and it’s clearly labeled. And the people there are super friendly and patient.

I went with a big fat slice of Brownie Chunk Cheesecake, it was wonderful. And they have doughnuts on Saturdays!

Doughnuts are usually available at 9am. We had a slight miscommunication and arrived at 8am, and we couldn’t wait around until 9. They agreed to box up one of each doughnut and hold them for me until I could get back that evening! It was very tempting to buy even more sweets, but we were heading over to an all-vegan bar!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll tell you about that later.

So. Voodoo Doughnuts:

They have a bigger selection of doughnuts, but it’s hard to know what’s available just looking at the unmarked doughnuts in the rotating case. Staff isn’t very friendly at all and seem like they just want you to get out of the way.

Sweetpea Baking Co:

They only had four doughnut flavors, but they also have a ton of other vegan baked goods. Staff is friendly, they seem like they like people. The doughnuts themselves are actually not very sweet, just the frosting is, but I think that makes them easier to eat for breakfast 🙂

Do you have vegan doughnuts in your city?

Food Fight! Grocery in Portland

Yesterday we had the whole day to do whatever we wanted. So…we went shopping for food. This is my fourth trip to Portland, and every time I’m here I have to stop at Food Fight! Grocery. I do wish they would bring back the veggie dog carousel and the pay-by-weight nachos (complete with cheesy vegan nacho sauce you squirt from a pump!), but there are still plenty of other cool things to buy that I cannot find in Grand Rapids. But that nacho cheese pump, tho. But anyway,

FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Located at 1217 SE Stark, it is one of four businesses in an all-vegan strip mall. The others include Sweetpea Baking Co., The Herbivore Store, and Scapegoat Tattoo.

Every faux food you could ever want. “Fish” fillets, corn dogs, whoopie pies…

Taquitos and hot pockets!!!!!!!!!!!

Super expensive artisan cheese made with cashews and other fermented nuts. I decided I would wait on these, maybe I’ll get them in the giant box of vegan food my dad gets me for Christmas every year 🙂

Imagine if people had to pay $4.60 for a can of real tuna. Crazy.

Tons of yummy looking sweets,

and a few vegan jerkys I’d never seen before. But I did not buy any of these things.

First I grabbed a drink because it was about 90 degrees out. Heh, love-flavored kombucha. I also grabbed another jar of Magic Vegan Bacon Grease because I only have half a spoonful left of the jar I bought in Austin. And some Daiya Provolone, just because. But the most exciting stuff I found…

These new products from Earth Balance. The crackers are supposed to be like Cheez-its. I can’t remember the last time I ate Cheez-its, so I asked the BFF and BFF-in-law to try them and see if they’re similar. “Almost,” was the answer I got, but with a lighter cheese flavor. The puffs are interesting. They’re good, but I can’t tell if they taste cheesy for not. I’m surprised there’s no nutritional yeast in the ingredients, but maybe they were afraid they’d taste too much like Tings. The chips and Mac & Cheese I’ll have to try later and get back to you on. I’m super excited to see if the Earth Balance brand m-n-c is better than Mac n Chreese.

If you’ve been to Food Fight, what’s your favorite item to purchase there??

Stuck at O'Hare: CIBO Express

This is the third trip in a row I’ve had a delayed flight! Since I’ll be getting into OR so late now, I decided to grab dinner. I found this handy little feature on the O’Hare website:


It can find your location, then tell you how far you are from whatever you searched for – in this case, I searched for “vegan”. Of course CIBO was in the B concourse, the one I flew into…but I had already walked to the C concourse in another terminal before I saw this. I got my exercise.

10 or 12 minutes later, I found CIBO Express in the main hall of terminal 2, across from a sushi bar.

Love seeing Vegan right on the sign 🙂

There was a big section in the refrigerated case with vegan sandwiches, salads, and meal pack with hummus, tortilla chips, and two small salads. None of it was cheap, but that’s the airport for you. There were lots of little snacks, too.

I went with the Vegan Jerusalem Steak sandwich, the “meat” is made with vital wheat gluten.

Since CIBO is just a place to grab something on the go, there’s no seating area. I had a heck of a time eating this thing, I had to sit in a seat in the main hall and stuff my face in front of hundreds of people. I did it, though. And it was good. I think it would be better at room temp instead of chilled, but it still had a nice flavor, a little sweet, and a good amount of heat from the jalapeños.

I grabbed a drink from another spot. Just another 1.5 hours to kill now!
(Well, the WiFi wouldn’t work at the airport so that was yesterday…)