Urban Family sushi party

Last night I attended my first ever Urban Family Dinner. I am not an urban girl myself, although I visit the city often, so I was very lucky to attend. And even more so because it was a make-your-own-sushi night! The dinners are hosted by my friend, A, who is known as Urban Mother, and her neighbor, J, who is known as Urban Father. Father hosted this time. I’m sorry I didn’t take more pictures, but I always forget when I’m having a good time.

I forgot to turn the fisheye lens off before A took this picture of me cutting carrots for the sushi. J asked me to julienne them while another friend was supposed to julienne the cucumber. After he left the room, we looked at each other and I said, “I know I have a food blog, but…I dunno what that means!” “Yeah, me neither.” We were able to guess it, and later J confirmed. I better brush up on my culinary terminology.

*Very* similar to the classic salad with ginger sauce I get at local Japanese restaurants. J made the dressing from scratch – there was a ton of it, but I’m pretty sure we ate it all. I should’ve gotten the recipe!! The salad was just basic iceberg lettuce with cabbage, carrots and long, thin green beans (looked like Chinese green beans, but not as long?). The dressing had fresh ginger, grated carrots, garlic, maybe some sesame oil…I’m not sure what else. I fully intended to fill up on sushi, but I had to get seconds of the salad because the dressing was addicting.

Some of the items for the sushi: marinated mushrooms, sweet potato and green beans.

Notice the julienned carrots and cucumber…. Not everything was vegan, but there was a ton of vegan stuff. There were two other vegans at the dinner, which awesome because I currently have no vegan friends : (

Here’s my little guy, filled with every veggie available. I believe the fancy, rice-on-the-outside roll was made by J. Isn’t it pretty?

I probably should’ve added a few more things, but I was trying to hurry so I could EAT. I was thinking about sushi all day long, so I just wanted to get down to business (stuffing my face).

Yum. Sticky rice, creamy avocado, sweet…sweet potato, crunchy carrot, salty soy sauce. This baby has it all.

yummy snack & sushi salad

Today I had to take my pooch to the vet right around dinner time, so I wanted to have a quick snack first. I had some Kavli Garlic Crispybread (basically a giant, thin cracker with only 50 calories per serving of three pieces). I made a couple little open face sandwiches with the cashew spread I made earlier in the week, and some veggies.


The spread got nice and thick in the fridge, and it tasted great with the garlic & tomatoes.

Image Image

…and I have a whole jar to experiment with!


When I have leftover ingredients from making sushi, but not enough to make another roll (or am just too lazy to make another roll), I throw the stuff in a bowl all together and make a kind of salad. I added some chopped pickled ginger, and then a little Kikkoman Sushi & Sashimi soy sauce.

Anyway, that was a couple hours ago, and now I’m hungry again!


I apologize, these are not the most helpful pictures for someone who has never made sushi before. As usual, I was in hurry to make these and get them to a friend’s house. But it turned out, for the first time probably ever, I was the very first person to arrive and everyone else was late. So late, in fact, that my host and I ate pretty much ate all the sushi ourselves.

Yesterday at the grocery store I found a lot of random ingredients, and I had fun experimenting with them today.


This is su chee, or dried tofu, I found at a local Asian market. The flavor is just like every kind of plain tofu, pretty much nonexistent. But the nice thing is there’s no water to press out of it, and it has a texture that could easily mimic meat or eggs with the right seasonings. Mine just got a little dash of salt and pepper.


I always have to use green onions and avocado, but that orange stuff is something new to me – fresh turmeric. When I use the powdered kind it has a very mild flavor that you can hardly detect, but the fresh stuff is a little spicy. I threw it in the pot when I boiled my malanga coco (forgot to get a picture) hoping it would turn it bright yellow, but for some reason it didn’t work. So, I sliced the boiled turmeric and added it to the sushi in place of carrots.


Spreading a thin layer of rice over the toasted nori, leaving about 1/4″ of uncovered seaweed on one end. Once the sushi is rolled, I wet that part so it will adhere to the other side.


There’s also sweet potato in there, and some of the cashew spread. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a picture of the finished product, and get started on the almond spread.


…I just went through and cleaned up (hopefully all) the typos. I literally fell asleep at least three times while I was typing this up last night. Why oh why can’t I ever get to bed at a decent time?