What I Ate Wednesday: A Very Vegan Christmas

Christ is Born! Merry Christmas!

I know I’m the worst blogger in the world, I just haven’t been able to keep up with posts lately – I’ll have to make that part of my New Year’s resolution! Here’s a quick one featuring some of the wonderful food I had during family Christmas celebrations this year. What did you have?

What I Ate Wednesday: Brie En Croute | Orthodox and Vegan
I bought this cashew-based Brie En Croute (brie wrapped in pastry) at the vegan holiday pop-up shop a couple weeks before Christmas. It was very good, and I’ve decided it’s something I could definitely make at home. I can’t wait to try!

What I Ate Wednesday: Cheesy Layer Dip | Orthodox and Vegan
My dad makes a layer dip he likes to call Mexican Dip, although I’m not sure that’s very accurate. The bottom layer is a combination of cream cheese and sour cream seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic. Hot sauce is spread on top, then there’s a layer of minced onion, green pepper, and tomato, topped with cheddar cheese. I usually just buy vegan versions of all the dairy ingredients, but this year I made a cashew cream thickened with tapioca flour for the base. It needs a little work, but overall I was pretty happy with it.

What I Ate Wednesday: Spinach Pies | Orthodox and Vegan
Syrian spinach pies take hours and hours to make, but it’s totally worth it! But…I only do it a couple times year. I use a basic dough recipe, and the filling is extremely lemony spinach with salt, minced onion, and olive oil (and parsley, when I remember it).

What I Ate Wednesday: Christmas Meal | Orthodox and Vegan
My cousin made pulled pork, so I decided to do BBQ jackfruit. I let it simmer in the sauce for a couple hours until it was extremely tender. Two or three people looked at my plate in shock and someone finally asked, “That’s not for you, is it?” I dunno if anyone dared taste it, but at least it *looked* like pulled pork. At the very least it tasted like Carolina BBQ sauce 🙂 P.S. I also made the guac!

What I Ate Wednesday: Chocolate Cherry SoCo Cake | Orthodox and Vegan
And finally, we come to the dessert. A Christmas favorite now, I’ve been making this Chocolate Cherry SoCo cake for years. It’s a modified depression-era chocolate cake recipe with cherries and chocolate chips added in. After it cools I poke it all over and pour on a soaking syrup that includes Southern Comfort. Once that’s all been absorbed, I pour on an additional shot or two of straight up Southern Comfort (we drink 100 proof, but I use 70 for the cake). It’s also good with sliced almonds added.

Next week I’ll share the treats I got from Pangea!