Vegan at Meijer

Meijer is a grocery store that started in Greenville, Michigan in 1934, and now they have stores all across the Midwest. My family has shopped at Meijer for as long as I can remember – it’s so convenient, there are six locations within about 10 miles of us, and they’re open 24 hours a day every day except Christmas Eve (they close around 6) and Christmas Day (happily closed all day). But now Meijer is even more convenient for vegans! Of course they already had a huge vegan section from the beginning – the produce section 🙂 But lately it seems like they have more vegan options all the time. Here’s how I shop Vegan at Meijer

Vegan at Meijer

Vegan at Meijer: Field Roast | Orthodox and Vegan
It all started when I noticed the Field Roast items. I took a picture to share on my facebook page, and then I noticed…

Vegan at Meijer: Tofurky | Orthodox and Vegan
Hey, that’s Tofurky stuff right next to Field Roast! Never noticed that at Meijer before. What else is here?
(P.S. The Veggie Shreds in the purple bag are vegan! Green is NOT, so beware. Oh, and those Smart Patties are vegan, and there’s Smart Bacon, and Smart Deli, and…)

Vegan at Meijer: Margarine | Orthodox and Vegan
They’ve carried Earth Balance for years and years, but Melt is a relatively new addition. And there’s a variety of Smart Balance, check the packaging.

Vegan at Meijer: Non-dairy Milk | Orthodox and Vegan
They’ve also had Silk for many years, but now they have a wide variety of non-dairy milks including flax milk!

Vegan at Meijer: Cold Brew | Orthodox and Vegan
Cold brew coffee with almond milk, thanks to Califia.

Vegan at Meijer: Non-dairy Yogurt | Orthodox and Vegan
SO Delicious vegan yogurt. UPDATE: They also carry Silk now!

Vegan for Five Days - Califia Farms Vegan Coffee Creamer
Vegan creamer in delicious flavors, again by Califia Farms.

Vegan at Meijer: Non-dairy Ice Cream | Orthodox and Vegan
SO Delicious ice cream, ice cream bars, and ice cream sandwiches! There’s also sorbet, and multiple non-dairy popsicle options. UPDATE: They now carry the non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s!

Vegan at Meijer: Qrunch Foods | Orthodox and Vegan
Qrunch Burgers & Toastables in multiple flavors, and at one of the lowest prices in town. I forgot to look, but I think some of these Van’s waffles are also vegan!

Vegan at Meijer: Meat Alternatives | Orthodox and Vegan
Gardein stuff, and many vegan options from Boca. I’ve also seen Amy’s brand vegan burgers, vegan mac n cheese, and a cheeseless vegan pizza. UPDATE: Some Meijer locations are carrying Daiya pizzas now!

Vegan at Meijer: Meat Alternatives | Orthodox and Vegan
Morningstar Farms has become more vegan-friendly over the years. I used to avoid them because it seemed like all their products contained eggs, but not anymore.

Vegan at Meijer: Mayo | Orthodox and Vegan
Just Mayo, from one of my favorite vegan companies, Hampton Creek! And vegan mayo from Spectrum.

Vegan at Meijer: Sugar | Orthodox and Vegan
They even have certified vegan sugar!

Vegan at Meijer: McDougall's Soup | Orthodox and Vegan
Looking for a vegan cup o’ soup? Look no further!

Vegan at Meijer: Ranch Dressing | Orthodox and Vegan

Vegan at Meijer: Peanut Butter Cups | Orthodox and Vegan
Fair trade vegan peanut butter cups. I found them on clearance once and bought a dozen packages! They also have Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, includes bags of the mini cups.

Vegan at Meijer: Greek Food | Orthodox and Vegan
Greek Vegan in a Can. Maybe not just how yia-yia made it, but good enough. Make sure you grab some pita bread for dipping!

Vegan at Meijer: Kathleen's Kitchen | Orthodox and Vegan
Pot o’ beans.

Vegan at Meijer: Instant Mashed Potatoes | Orthodox and Vegan
Why do people need mashed potatoes in a box? I don’t know, but I’m glad we have that option!

Vegan at Meijer: Frosting | Orthodox and Vegan
AND THIS FROSTING. It’s so good. I brought the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough flavor to a Lenten picnic recently and it was a huge hit. Several times I was asked, “This is vegan?!” YES. Proud to say it’s vegan, and tastes like heaven.
UPDATEI just brought the PB Cookie Dough and the Hot Cocoa flavor to a meeting, and everyone LURVED them both suh much! I’ve confirmed Dollop is available at all Meijer locations.

There are actually a bunch of non-dairy frosting options available, they just aren’t certified vegan. Duncan Hines, for example has tons of frosting and cake mixes without dairy or eggs. If you’re concerned about the source of sugar, you’ll have to contact the company, though.

Vegan at Meijer: Neat Egg | Orthodox and Vegan
The Neat Egg – in fact, I’m sure they also have Neat Meat and somehow I didn’t get a picture. Thought it was pretty cool finding this in the baking aisle.

Vegan at Meijer: Gelatin Substitute | Orthodox and Vegan
BaKol Jel Dessert, complete with retro packaging. A delicious low-calorie treat without boiled animal parts :p

Vegan at Meijer: Dandies Marshmallows | Vegan and Orthodox
And speaking of delicious, boiled-animal-parts-free stuff, how ’bout vegan marshmallows hanging out right there with all the other marshmallows? These don’t seem to be available at every location, but I know for sure they have them here in Grand Rapids at the 28th Street store.

Vegan at Meijer: Chocolate | Orthodox and Vegan
And there’s vegan chocolate, so you can make vegan S’mores!

Vegan at Meijer: Powdered Coconut Milk | Vegan and Orthodox
And whatever you might do with powdered milk, now you can do it with vegan powdered coconut milk.

Now, is this all the vegan stuff at Meijer? I doubt it, this is just what I found quickly scanning the aisles while trying to sneakily snap a picture without anyone seeing me because I felt weird. If there is some wonderful vegan item you’d like to see at Meijer, I encourage you to request it since they’re obviously open to expanding.

What other great items have you found to help you go vegan at Meijer?