What I Ate Wednesday: In the Womb of Greek Hospitality

Hey guys, sorry I missed you last week!! Tuesday I took the train to Chicago to visit my friend Christina and her husband Tony. I don’t know about everyone else, but here in the Midwest there’s been a terrible cold going around (I managed to get it twice in a month). Poor Christina got it, so we spent most of our time hanging out at home – AKA The Womb of Greek Hospitality – drinking tea around the kitchen table or curled up on the couch watching movies about chefs on Netflix! I also may have made Christina watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure with me – I LOVE that movie 😀 And we spent tons of time cooking. I didn’t quite get pictures of everything, but I’ll try to fill in the blanks.

What I Ate Wednesday: Fresh Jackfruit | Orthodox and Vegan
I have the hardest time sleeping the night before I travel, so I basically took a short nap around 3am. The train left here at 6, and I slept most of the way. Then after a tour of Christina’s new home, we both took a very, very long and wonderful nap. Afterwards, I had my first visit to a Cermak Fresh Market and also found fresh jackfruit for the first time ever! Sure looks weird!

The white stringy part didn’t have much flavor, but the yellowy part around the seeds tasted a little bit like pineapple.

What I Ate Wednesday: Palestinian Cabbage Salad | Orthodox and Vegan
A few things I put together with Christina instructing me, like this cabbage salad. It’s basically just cabbage, tons of fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and sumac. Actually maybe that’s exactly what it is, I can’t remember.

So, I butchered the jackfruit (vegan appropriation at work) and ended up cooking it down in BBQ sauce. I cooked it for a few hours until it was very tender. We basically made American dakos, placing a rusk in the bottom of the bowl with a layer of cabbage salad on it, then a layer of BBQ jackfruit, topped with avocado.

I also boiled and peeled the jackfruit seeds and sauteed them in oil with salt and garlic. They’re very starchy and make a good snack, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort. They’re super slippery, and the peel is hard like plastic. If they don’t split on their own during boiling, it can be tricky getting the peel off. And if you accidentally leave a bit on and try to eat, it’s pretty unpleasant. But I’m glad we at least tried it. I normally buy canned jackfruit in brine, and it already has the seeds removed.

What I Ate Wednesday: Cretan Salad | Orthodox and Vegan
I think this salad is actually what we ate on the first night. Christina had a Cretan salad at a Greek restaurant during a recent trip to Astoria and wanted to recreate it. She told me exactly what to put in, and it turned out wonderfully.

There’s leaf lettuce, lots of cilantro, capers, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh garlic and lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. In place of feta we had a cashew cheese (it was a soft cheese and sort of melted into the salad when we tossed it, but it gave it a great flavor), and we added a dollop of kalamata olive spread when we made dakos.

Somehow I didn’t get a picture of the chili we ate for at least one meal each day. I love having leftover chili because it’s one of those things that just tastes better and better after it chills in the fridge. I could’ve eaten it for a week.

What I Ate Wednesday: Greek Boiled Beets | Orthodox and Vegan
Whenever I get a combo platter at Little Africa, I’m the one who ends up eating all the beets. Sure, beets taste a little like dirt, but in a good way. These were boiled, and I don’t think much of anything was added to them besides maybe some oil and salt. I ate a huge bowl full.

What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan Seitan Ribs | Orthodox and Vegan
On the last day of my visit I made ribs using vital wheat gluten, also known as seitan. I’ve made them before with another recipe, and I think these were not as good – but once you cover something in BBQ sauce, it’s hard to go wrong. This was my first time having access to a grill pan, it was really fun to use.

What I Ate Wednesday: Kale Chips | Orthodox and Vegan
I also made a couple batches of kale chips and experimented with seasoning them in different ways. Salted, Salt & Black Pepper, Salt & Garlic with Nooch, and Oregano & Garlic…with a pinch of salt. We ate these with the ribs.

Not pictured is the steaming hot bowl of fava we also had with this meal. They were on the soupy side, which was the perfect thing to eat before going out into the freezing cold to catch the train back.

What are you eating to keep warm this winter?

What I Ate Wednesday: Basically, Beans.

Whoa, it’s Wednesday again already, and the second day of the Nativity Fast! If you’re in need of more fasting food ideas, check out my What Do Vegans Eat page. Today we’re talkin’ about beans. Two simple ways to use them. Plus….everyone’s favorite, PIZZA.

What I Ate Wednesday: Walnut & Bean Tacos | Orthodox and Vegan
Let us begin with tacos. Beans in tacos probably doesn’t sound very impressive, but consider a small amount of beans (about 1/4 C) was blended with 1 C of soaked & drained walnuts, seasoned with cumin, chili powder, a clove of garlic, salt, and pepper to make a nice taco “meat”. You can do this without the beans, but the beans hold everything together and make it easier to eat without making a mess.
The tacos are also stuffed with a yummy salad of romaine, green onions, avocado, and lime juice with a touch of salt.

What I Ate Wednesday: Domino's Pizza | Orthodox and Vegan
I’m not sure if I ever had Domino’s Pizza before going vegan, but definitely not since (and it’s been a while). They’re a little skimpy with toppings – most chains are – but it was pretty good for what it is. Only the thin crust is vegan, and I had to eat an entire 10″ pizza to feel satisfied. You’ll want to order the regular sauce, and you might also want to add a Dipping Cup or two – the garlic sauce, BBQ sauce, and hot buffalo sauce flavors are vegan.

What I Ate Wednesday: Chili Pasta | Orthodox and Vegan
We had a can of Bush’s Chili Starter in the cupboard. On an oil day, I sauteed onions and green peppers, then added a can of drained diced tomatoes and some soy crumbles, seasoned everything with salt, pepper, garlic, cumin, and chili powder, and then added the chili starter. After simmering a few minutes, I added angel hair pasta to the pan, poured in the reserved liquid from the tomatoes and a bit of extra water, covered the pan and let the pasta soak up all the flavors.

On an oil free day, I just boiled the angel hair pasta as usual. After draining, I mixed the pasta with Newman’s Own Black Bean & Corn Salsa – it’s my favorite salsa!

What’s your favorite way to prepare beans on oil free days? Comment below!

What I Ate Wednesday: Takeout and Baking

Hello there, friends, and welcome to the latest edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Last week I was very busy baking!!I tried a new recipe, an old family recipe, a just-throw-in-whatever-you-have recipe, and a brand new item from my favorite non-authentic pizzeria. Are you excited to hear more? GREAT. Read on.

Pan Pizza from Papa John's | Orthodox and Vegan
So, Papa John’s started selling pan pizza a few months ago, but they never updated their website’s nutrition guide with the ingredients. I emailed the manager from the local franchise, and last week he was *finally* able to confirm the new crust and sauce are vegan. There was a special going, any two pizzas with three toppings for $20, so I got a pan pizza and a regular XL pizza – that was enough to feed me three times, and I still put two meals’ worth in the freezer! By the way, the sauce on the pan pizza is excellent. I’ll do a guide for ordering vegan at Papa John’s in the near future.

Cabbage & Potato Bake | Orthodox and Vegan
I think I made this on Friday because it’s an oil-free dish. I lined the pan with leaves of cabbage, then filled it with chopped cabbage, onions, fresh garlic, diced potatoes, and chopped mushrooms. I covered it with tahini sauce, and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Then I covered it in foil and baked it until the potatoes were tender, removed the foil and continued baking until it browned. The tahini sauce thickened up and it was creamy and delicious.

St. Demetrios Cake | Orthodox and Vegan
St. Demetrios is special to me, and I wanted to make a special cake for his feast day on October 26. I need to tweak the recipe a little before I share it, but I can tell you it is flavored with lemon and blueberry. It wasn’t bad for the first try, and I think I’ll knock it out next time.

Syrian Bread | Orthodox and Vegan
And I also spent half a day baking Syrian bread with Tete. Since I had only made it once before, about 15 years ago, I had to be more of a watcher than a participant, but I think she might let me touch the dough next time 🙂 It’s actually pretty much the same exact dough recipe I use for spinach pies, the trick is making it into perfectly shaped beautiful loaves that are just the right thickness, and lightly browned on top. Someone requested this recipe two years ago. I’m really sorry it’s taken so long, but if you’re still around, I’ll probably be ready to post it sometime during the Nativity Fast.

What have you guys been eating this week?

What I Ate Wednesday: Fried Chick’n, Candy Bars

Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday! I had a very good week of cooking real meals for myself, got to attend a vegan potluck, and forgot to cancel my Doorganics delivery which means…I have lots of fresh produce I *must* eat 🙂 And so far I’m having fun with it, but I also sneaked in a few snacks because I’m a junk food junkie.

What I Ate Wednesday: Ritter Sport Chocolate Covered Marzipan | Orthodox and Vegan
This Ritter Sport candy bar is actually from a couple weeks ago, but I was bad last week and didn’t post at all. I had to share it because I want the world to know sweet almond paste covered in dark chocolate is wonderful.

What I Ate Wednesday: Tahini Quesadillas | Orthodox and Vegan
I made these oil free quesadillas for a fasting day. Very simple – two corn tortillas with tahini spread on one and refried beans on the other, and thinly sliced onion in the middle. Season if you wish. Just heat them in a skillet over medium low heat on both sides, no oil necessary. I dipped them in a store bought taco sauce.

What I Ate Wednesday: Fried Chick'n & Mashed Potatoes | Orthodox and Vegan
I experimented with vital wheat gluten one day and made these chicken-style cutlets, dredged them in seasoned flour, and pan-fried them. I looked all over for the recipe today and can’t find it – which would’ve been fine because I didn’t like it all that well, but I repurposed the cutlets later in the week and they were delicious. I’ll have to get something together for you all later. (And yes, those are my old school headphones, and yes I do actually write things down with pen and paper!)

What I Ate Wednesday: Ethiopian Combo Platter | Orthodox and Vegan
Friday my mom and I had a very long day, and we decided to end it with the All You Can Eat special at Little Africa, our favorite Ethiopian restaurant. It was all we hoped it would be.

What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan Potluck | Orthodox and Vegan
Sunday I went to a vegan potluck hosted by a rare In Real Life vegan Orthodox friend. I repurposed my cutlets for this occasion by cubing them, and marinating them in Creamy Italian dressing for one day before dredging them in the seasoned flour and pan-frying them. IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER!!! I served the chick’n with faux spanakorizo (I forgot to buy spinach, so it was just rice with onions and a massive amount of dill, with salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic. And a lot of olive oil).
There was also a veggie stirfry, sweet potatoes, and mac n cheez. And plenty of wine. It was a good night.

Doorganics Delivers Organic Produce to Your Door | Orthodox and Vegan
Monday I got my Doorganics delivery. Not too exciting when you see it like this, but…

What I Ate Wednesday: Potato & Mushroom Tacos | Orthodox and Vegan
that night I used some of the potatoes, mushrooms, and fresh garlic to make tacos! They have refried beans smeared on the inside to hold everything together.

What I Ate Wednesday: Braised Carrots with Pasta | Orthodox and Vegan
Last night I braised all the carrots in margarine with a little plain unsweetened almond milk and a sprinkling of salt, and served them (to myself) on a bed of pasta with cabbage. I sauteed the cabbage in olive oil with salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, and basil until it was tender. I added angel hair pasta, and just enough plain unsweetened almond milk to cover it. It thickened up nicely without any added flour.

What I Ate Wednesday: Thumbs Up Candy Bar (Tastes Like Butterfinger!!!) | Orthodox and Vegan
And finally, after dinner I treated myself to the Thumbs Up candy car I bought at Food Fight! Grocery in Portland. You’ll notice the wrapper reads, “crunchy, peanut-buttery” as in Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut Buttery BUTTERFINGER! This is Butterfinger’s slightly smaller, more expensive hipster vegan cousin. Did I mention Butterfinger was my favorite candy bar when I was a kid? Well it was. And Go Max Go makes a bunch of other knock-off candy bars, too – check them out at Vegan Essentials.

What are you guys eating this week? Let me know in the comments!

What I Ate Wednesday: Healthy Snacks and…Not So Healthy

Dear All, it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday! Are you excited??!??!? I am!
Yesterday I won a facebook contest from a local theater for a Beatles movie poster and a free bag of popcorn. Yes I drive 30 minutes roundtrip for a little bag of popcorn. Totally worth it 😀 I listened to the Let it Be album the whole time. Anyway. Let’s begin.

What I Ate Wednesday: Hummus Plate | Orthodox and Vegan
I started off nice and healthy with a small plate of sliced cucumber (sprinkled with salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast), and toasted Ezekiel bread with hummus. I prefer homemade hummus, but I had to buy some for an event in a pinch and this was leftover. Hummus is super easy to make if you have the time, but store-bought will do, if you must.
I also had a fat veggie sandwich with hummus and eggplant mousse for dinner. I will share the eggplant mousse recipe with you soon!

What I Ate Wednesday: Theater Popcorn | Orthodox and Vegan
Then, as I said, I had my little bag of theater popcorn…plus the refill I got to-go. With extra butter-flavored oil, and salt. Maybe it’s not the same at every theater, but most use a yellowy oil with artificial butter flavor instead of actual butter. It is still really fattening, of course.

What I Ate Wednesday: Brownie Crisps | Orthodox and Vegan
And just to round out my flawed diet, I finished up a bag of Lucy’s Triple Chocolate Brownie Crisps – vegan and gluten free! I bought them at Costco. Costco is where I buy my Ezekiel bread, two loaves for $7 (it costs at least $5.50 per loaf everywhere else I’ve found it in town, and and sometimes as much as $7 each!). They also have vegan black bean burgers, non dairy milk, almond butter, and lots of other good stuff at a reasonable price (in fact, that’s where I bought the hummus). And lot of nice produce for salads in case you are more disciplined than I.

What’s your favorite place to shop for vegan food? Tell us in the comments below!

What I Ate Wednesday: Mostly Junk Food

Hey guys! I’ve been meaning to start What I Ate Wednesday posts for a while now, so today I decided to just go through my phone and grab a few pictures for you. This is just another way to show you the many vegan options available. Today I’m accidentally focusing on the fact vegans don’t necessarily eat healthy food all the time. I just randomly chose these pictures, I promise I don’t eat cake and caramel sauce every day! Although I would love to 🙂 Anyway, here’s What I Ate!

What Vegans Eat: Salad Art with Edible Flowers | Orthodox and Vegan
So, we’re starting off pretty nicely. My mom made this gorgeous salad for a dinner party last month. As I have mentioned before, Tiger Lilies (Day Lilies) are edible. We also have salad greens, fresh veggies, and sunflower seeds for protein and a touch of healthy fat.

What I Ate Wednesday: Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Ice Cream | Orthodox and Vegan
For a Young Adults outing, a few of us met up for Movies in the Park. There were several food trucks out, some with vegan options such as fries and tacos, but I opted for this chocolate-dipped peanut butter bar from Love’s Ice Cream (non-dairy, of course).

What I Ate Wednesday: Coco Jam Caramel Sauce | Orthodox and Vegan
I found this Coco Jam at the nearby Asian market. It’s not jam, though – it’s a caramel sauce! Perfect for topping your vegan ice cream, drizzling over vegan brownies, or eating straight from the jar with a spoon….

What I Ate Wednesday: Hotdogs & Potato Salad | Orthodox and Vegan
For a recent birthday celebration my family decided to have a picnic lunch at the park. Pretty much everyone else had traditional hotdogs with American potato salad, but I was lucky enough to have vegan hotdogs and Syrian potato salad (Syrian potato salad is waaaaaaaay better).

What I Ate Wednesday: Chocolate Caramel Birthday Cake & Ice Cream | Orthodox and Vegan
Afterwards we had vegan cake! I ordered a chocolate cake with caramel filling and caramel drizzle from Rise Grand Rapids. All their stuff is vegan and gluten free and absolutely delicious.

So, I can’t recommend eating these kinds of things every day, but I can say you should never have to feel deprived on a vegan diet. Vegans can have cake, ice cream, chocolate, and pretty much anything else that can give you diabetes (aren’t we lucky).

That said, there are plenty of healthy sweets out there, too. For example, this 6-Ingredient Chocolate Caramel Slice recipe by Blissful Basil featuring almond butter, coconut oil, and pure maple syrup.

So much for the old grass-clippings jokes! What are your favorite vegan indulgences, healthy or otherwise? Let us know down below in the comments!

Food Fight! Grocery in Portland

Sooooo, I haven’t made anything very interesting lately. I’m working on a new jackfruit recipe, but until then, thought I’d take you on a tour of Food Fight! Grocery. This is my favorite place to shop when I’m in Portland. The first time I went it reminded me of a little gas station convenience store, complete with pay-by-weight nachos and a vegan nacho cheese pump! I wish they would bring that back. But anyway, there are a million other things to try. I shared a little something with you last year, but this time I tried to take pictures of everything.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
Being in a place like this makes you feel like a normal person. Ya know, instead of feeling so…vegan 🙂

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
Tons of fancy cheeses. The Chao is a bit expensive compared to Whole Foods, but still cheaper than Harvest Health Foods here in Grand Rapids.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
A bunch of veggie meats ranging from major brands you can find almost anywhere, to random stuff I normally only see at the Asian market.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
Frozen pizza, hot pockets, TV dinners.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
MOAR vegan meats!

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
I did not know these existed. Next time I promise I’ll try them!

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
Corn dogs! Mac n Cheese Strudel!!!

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
I always see Alpendough on What Fat Vegans Eat, I wanted to try every flavor. I didn’t have time 🙁

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
So. Many. Cheez sauces.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
At least 7 kinds of vegan jerky here.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
Cookies. Cotton Candy. Marshmallow treats.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
Four kinds of boxed mac n cheese. I’ve tried all but one now!

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
I’m dying. I only really had 2 full days to eat, and no checked bag to bring liquid-type stuff home, or this aged nut cheese sauce would’ve been mine!

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
I haven’t yet found veggie haggis in Grand Rapids.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
So this was my tiny haul – and the croissant (filled with pizza toppings) and Charlie Brown bar in the foreground actually came from Sweetpea Baking Co.

From Food Fight I grabbed Tofurky pockets, mac n cheese strudel, pizza-flavored mac n cheese from So Delicious, a couple bags of $1 snack thingies, two kinds of fancy cheese, Sweet & Sara graham crackers, a caramel, and a wonderful all-natural vegan deodorant by Schmidt’s (btw, it’s the best deodorant I’ve ever used).

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
I couldn’t stop eating these things. I put them in tacos and filled them with cheese…think I have pictures of that somewhere.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Portland, OR
Speaking of cheese. It was a really sad day when I had to go home and leave a bunch of this in my BFF’s fridge because it was opened and wouldn’t have made it past TSA. I ate as much as I possibly could. Next time I’ll try harder.

Have you ever shopped at someplace like Food Fight Grocery? Would you pay $25 to check a bag just so you can bring special treats home?

International Vegan Junk Food Day: What Junk Food Vegans Eat

Wouldn’t you know International Vegan Junk Food Day would be August 29th, the day of the Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, which happens to be a strict fasting day. But I have also been wanting to do a “What do vegans eat” kind of post, so while I probably won’t eat anything fried or drenched in olive oil today (or round, or on a platter, or cut with a knife) I will gladly share a junk food edition of What Vegans Eat.

So yeah. Whenever someone asks, “You’re a vegan? So…what can you eat???” I freeze up and have no idea what to say because a million things come to mind at once. First there’s the entire produce section at the grocery store, and all the countless things you can create with the numberless combinations of fruits and vegetables. Then you have grains, nuts, seeds, and SUGARY THINGS. There are nut milks, and seed milks, and grain milks. There are vegan meats and cheeses. Entire frozen meals and roasts.

It’s SO easy to be vegan these days, not like 17 years ago when I was lucky to find margarine and soy milk at the health food store. Now we can get doughnuts! But if you’re still at a loss trying to imagine these things, allow me to show you, in no particular order…

Vegan Cookies and Spiked Coffee, What Vegans Eat
Homemade cookies and spiked coffee. There are a TON of vegan egg substitutes for baking (just-add-water powders, mashed banana, chia seeds, flax seeds, baking soda + vinegar, to name a few), and several vegan margarines to replace butter – or experiment with nut and seed butters or oil.
You can also find cookies from Alternative Baking Company, GoodBites, Uncle Eddie’s, and many more online or at health food stores.

And the booze? Most booze is vegan!

Red Rabbit Bakery Doughnuts, What Vegans Eat
Here in Grand Rapids, MI we are lucky to find vegan doughnuts from Propaganda Doughnuts and Rise! Grand Rapids, and occasionally Bartertown Diner. In Texas, there’s Red Rabbit Cooperative in Austin, and Reverie Bakeshop in Richardson. Sweetpea Baking Company or Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR. Dun-Well Donuts in Brooklyn. Sweet Freedom Bakery in Philadelphia. Glazed and Infused in Orlando. BeetBox Bakery and Cafe in Denver. You get the idea.

Trader Joe's Speculoos and Peanut Butter Pretzels, What Vegans Eat
If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, you’ll have all kinds of fun options, but if you can’t get your hands on the specific brands they sell, you can usually find something similar at your regular grocery store (in this case, Biscoff Spread and H.K. Anderson peanut butter filled pretzels are sold all over the place).

Vegan Burrito Moe's
You can get vegan tacos and burritos from Moe’s, Chipotle, Qdoba, and even Taco Bell! In fact most Mexican restaurants have TONS of vegan options.

Vegan Boxed Macaroni and Cheese
Think you’ll miss the days of quick, convenient boxed mac n cheese? NOPE. Earth Balance even uses similar packets of bright orange cheese-flavored powder!

Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese
And speaking of, we do okay without dairy-based cheese, too. Daiya, Chao, Go Veggie, Follow Your Heart, and Tofutti are some of the big brands out there, not to mention all the recipes you can find for making your own spreads & blocks at home. The vegan cheese scene is improving every day!

Meaty Vegan Sandwich
Arby’s has nothing on meaty vegan sandwiches – we have Qrunch Burgers, Boca Burgers, Amy’s Burgers, tons of smaller brands that can be found at health food stores, and all kinds of deli slices from Field Roast, Tofurky, Yves, and Light Life just to name a few. There are hot dogs, sausages, roasts, chic’n patties, sliders, battered “fish” (checkout Sophie’s Kitchen brand) and whatever else you can think of, we can and probably already have VEGANIZED IT.

Wait. I know what’s coming next. Let me cover this right now:

Cruelty Free Vegan Bacon
Yes, we thought about this, too. There are plenty of vegan bacon options out there, and lots you can make at home.

Dollop Vegan Frosting
Yes, you can even still eat canned frosting by the spoonful 😀 Nom Nom Nom I found Dollop at Meijer (also available at Wegmans, on Amazon, and at Nooch Vegan Market in Denver), along with a few really junky (but yummy and milk-free) brands. In fact, you can find All Kinds of Vegan Things at Meijer, and probably most grocery chains near you.

Make an Amazing Peanut Butter Cake with Caramel Sauce
You can still enjoy a fabulous birthday cake, too! Making your own is easy (from scratch or from a box), but many bakeries do vegan cakes these days, too.

Check out:
Chocolate Cake Recipe from the Minimalist Baker
Vanilla Cake Recipe from The Cake Merchant
Peanut Butter Cake Recipe from Oh She Cooks!
Carrot Cake Recipe from Love & Lemons

Aquafaba Vegan Marshmallow Fluff
And now we have discovered….AQUAFABA, the liquid from cooked beans. It can be whipped up to make vegan meringues and marshmallow fluff. It’s the most vegan thing ever, and it is delicious and amazing.
Look at the Macrons from Crazy Vegan Kitchen made with aquafaba!

Vegan Onion Rings from Stella's in Grand Rapids, MI
Here in Grand Rapids, MI, we have a wonderful bar that serves vegan burgers, potato wings (fried potato wedges coated in wing sauce), a vegan meatloaf dinner, and huge, indulgent beer-battered onion rings, among other things. In fact, you can read about every vegan-friendly (or not so friendly) restaurant I’ve been to in GR by visiting my Vegan in Grand Rapids page.

Koyo Vegan Ramen
Are you kind of person that likes to live off ramen? That’s okay. Top Ramen and Nissan both offer vegan flavors, or for three times as much ($1/ea in these parts) you can upgrade to Koyo brand ramen, made with organic ingredients and heirloom wheat.

Do you see what I’m saying here? YOU CAN DO IT! You can eat good things, and bad things that taste good, and never feel deprived, and be sweet to the animals, and lower your cholesterol. Today is about junk food, but there are a bazillion clean vegan options to balance this stuff out (or not). The point is, it’s easy. So what’s your excuse? GO VEGAN!

Find recipes and inspiration for International Vegan Junk Food Day on my Junk Food Fix page!