2013 Lenten Potluck #4: Oil Free Roasted Vegetables

Well, one of my goals was to try to average two posts a day during Lent, and I have just made a lot of work for myself by missing four posts in a row! This is from the Wednesday night potluck, I decided to do Oil Free Roasted Vegetables. I tried to get a nice variety of colors, you can use pretty much whatever you want.

Oil Free Roasted Vegetables for a Lenten Potluck | Orthodox and Vegan
I usually bake a bunch of potatoes to have one hand during the week, the skins peels right off just by rubbing them once they’ve cooled. I only needed one very large sweet potato for this.

Oil Free Roasted Vegetables for a Lenten Potluck | Orthodox and Vegan
Along with the sweet potato I had purple carrots, onion, yellow bell pepper and red cabbage, I threw in about half a dozen cloves of garlic. I lined the pan with parchment paper, it seems like something that might stick.

Without oil I was afraid the roasted vegetables would dry out, so I used a marinade – Kikkoman Teriyaki. I added agave necar (could also use maple syrup), garlic powder, pepper and orange juice. I just added everything to taste, using enough to get the veggies nice and juicy.

I covered the baking dish and baked the vegetables at 425 until tender, about one hour (but check after 45 minutes, ovens may vary). You may want to uncover the veggies at some point and stick them under the broiler if you’d like them to brown.

Oil Free Roasted Vegetables for a Lenten Potluck | Orthodox and Vegan
The marinade worked perfectly to keep the vegetables moist, and it tasted great!

Here’s the rest of the potluck spread:

2013412 veggie roast7
The dessert on the right had blueberry pie filling. I didn’t get to try the others.

2013412 veggie roast8
Veggie burritos!

2013412 veggie roast9
With creamy risotto, delicious Brussels sprouts, fresh fruit, and vegetarian chili with a big chunk of bread. An excellent dinner.

What did you have at your potluck this week?

5 thoughts on “2013 Lenten Potluck #4: Oil Free Roasted Vegetables

  1. last night i tried brown lentil boil it with a small amount of water and add fresh tomato , add onion , salt and parsley , till all get tender and creamy , then i prepared tahini sauce in a seperate dish . then scoop as much you want of the lentil and mix it with the tahini sauce , eat it with bread a dipping .IT is Oil Free very easy and filling meal .

  2. Your veggies were very good. I just finished making a large pot rice, bean, and sweet potatoe soup (of course, a recipe). So I’m all set for Wednesday, and will actually have something to offer besides bread (and green beans).

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