Vegan Super Bowl Recipes!

It’s that time of year again, and Super Bowl XLIX is just a couple days away. If you or a loved one are a vegan in need of snacks for a Super Bowl party (even if it’s a party of one, we’ve all been there), you are in the right place. I present you with:

2012102 fried pickles12
Fried Pickles with Ranch – Baked & Veganized!

20140306 buffalo tofu3 banner
Buffalo Tofu, also great with the tahini ranch from the fried pickles recipe!

2013317 final pizzas4
Favorite Crust & Sauce Recipes
Eggplant Pizza, Spinach Pizza
Mexican Pizza
Neapolitan Pizza

20140125 deluxe cheesy fries7
Cheezy Nachos

20121129 nachos4
Vegan Nachos with Tahini Cheez Sauce
(Or you can cheat and use Daiya Shreds)

201333 popcorn9
Popcorn with Buttery Frank’s Redhot Sauce

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