Pizza Week 2015: GO!!!

2015-2-16 Vegan Lenten Cheesefare Pizza Week
Today is the first day of Pizza Week! I was thinking about it so much, I got hungry for pizza and had to start early. Saturday I made this very simple pizza with nothing on it but olive oil, tomatoes, onion, and a sprinkling of salt.

2015-2-16 Vegan Lenten Cheesefare Pizza Week2
And yesterday being Meatfare Sunday, I made a similar pizza but added tomato sauce and Lite Life brand faux sausage.

2015-2-16 Vegan Lenten Cheesefare Pizza Week3
I’m heading out to the store this afternoon to pick up a couple kinds of Daiya cheese so I can officially kick off my Cheesefare week tonight!

In case you need a recipe, this one from my vintage TimeLife Foods of the World cookbook, “The Cooking of Italy,” is my favorite.

2015-2-16 Vegan Pizza Recipe Vintage TimeLife

2015-2-16 Vegan Pizza Recipe Vintage TimeLife2

Vegans will be happy to note…
2015-2-16 Vegan Pizza Recipe Vintage TimeLife4
The recipe says cheese is optional! And this is true of traditional Italian pizzas.

2015-2-16 Vegan Pizza Recipe Vintage TimeLife5
Excellent sauce

2015-2-16 Vegan Pizza Recipe Vintage TimeLife6

Now, my Brother-in-law’s Pizza Week rules:

1. You must eat pizza at least 1 time every day. It does not have to constitute a whole meal, but it can.
2. You must eat a standard size piece of pizza at least.
3. You can eat any type of pizza you want – thin, pan, Chicago style, etc.
4. You may eat pizza multiple times in one day.
5. You can put anything on the pizza you want (though meat is technically not allowed that week, please consult your priest or spiritual father to discuss your personal fasting rule).
6. You don’t have to be Orthodox or be giving up pizza for Lent to participate in Pizza Week (though that’s generally the point).
7. It is highly recommended that the next time you eat pizza after February 22nd at 11:59 pm is after the Anastasi Divine Liturgy on Pascha (generally about 1-3am on Sunday, April 12th.)

For vegans celebrating Cheesefare week, Orthodox vegans anyway, this is most beneficial if you plan to abstain from vegan cheese/pizza during Great Lent.

I will update later today with my first pizza, and hopefully another interview with the founder of Pizza Week!

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  2. I made a quadruple batch of the dough so I can freeze it for future pizza parties. And right now the Salsa Pizzaiola is simmering on the stove top. The smell is out of this world and it tastes even better! It’s so good it may never make it on top of a pizza! Thanks for posting! So happy you are making good use of the wonderful vintage cookbook!

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