Pizza Week 2015: The Interview

2015-2-17 Vegan Reuben Pizza Daiya
I’m going to be enjoying some leftover Reuben pizza for lunch, and do a special experimental pizza for dinner. What are you having?

As promised, here is the annual interview with my brother-in-law Christopher, founder of Pizza Week.

OhSheCooks: Last year you told us if pizza were a song, it would be ‘Everlasting Love.’ What if pizza were a movie?

Brother-in-law: Heaven is For Real

OSC: How would you describe the feeling of moving from Cheesefare week, and eating pizza every day, to Clean Monday and that first full week of Great Lent?

BIL: I’m not going to lie. Monday is a pretty intense crash. It’s almost like a complete 180 degrees. But then again, that’s the whole reason for Pizza Week – one last hurrah before the fast. So, the two go hand-in-hand.

OSC: What would you say are the spiritual benefits of this transition (from Pizza Week to Great Lent)? What is the harm in treating Cheesefare just as any other week?

BIL: I think the spiritual benefits from going from pizza week to Great Lent are that you can show God no matter how much you love something, like pizza, you love Him more and can cut it out of your life in an instant. First we are blessed for God’s gift of pizza. Then, we must put it aside to prepare ourselves more earnestly for Christ’s passion. I don’t know if there’s any harm if you treat Cheesefare week the same as any other week. However, it’s a week to remember God’s blessings, especially from a food viewpoint.

OSC: If someone were encountering Pizza Week for the first time, what is the one thing you’d want him to take away from the experience?

BIL: If someone was encountering Pizza Week for the first time, I’d want them to take away pizza from the experience. Lots of delicious pizza.

OSC: Finally, since it was President’s Day yesterday, describe how you imagine Abe Lincoln’s favorite Pizza Week pizza.

BIL: Abe Lincoln probably wasn’t picky about his pizza. Maybe he liked some rodents or something he could kill out on the farm. I know if he went to a restaurant to eat pizza, he’d ask to sit in a booth….

Ba-da-bump, tiss!

I would like to add, my beloved Abe would never add rodents to his pizza during Pizza Week since it is a meat-free period. The rest of the year I’m not so sure about.

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  1. Lincoln didn’t care for frills, so I have a feeling he would have loved your simple pizza. Which is what I’ve decided to have today as well.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – that was great!!!
    coming to Michigan 2 weekends in a row…
    Will be in Novi the weekend of March 21st
    and then in Dearborn the weekend of March 28th
    Still a little far from you to do a side trip.

      • RIGHT!! seems like we are always eating during Lent lol. We just discovered that cheesefare week is a fish week as well – 15 years being orthodox and we are just getting that?? crazy – David went yesterday to pick up a bunch of fakin’ fish – Gardien brand – for the rest of this week. That and homemade tartar sauce is so flippin’ yummy you would swear it was the real thing.

        • Yeah, I just learned that, too! I’m hosting a dinner party tonight with sort of randomly-selected parishioners and I wasn’t sure about olive oil. It appears to be okay, too.

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