Cherry Amaretto Coconut Bliss and an Everything Cookie

Yesterday I stopped at Harvest Health and found Larry & Luna Coconut Bliss on sale, so I grabbed some for Cheesefare weekend.

2015-2-22 Coconut Bliss Earth Fare
I still had a couple of my Earth Fare Everything cookies left, but it actually was missing one thing…

2015-2-22 Coconut Bliss Earth Fare2
great big chunks of black cherry 🙂

2015-2-22 Coconut Bliss Earth Fare3
I let the Coconut Bliss get all melty next to the freshly-baked cookie and ate a bite of each together. Might have to do the same tonight (THREE HOURS LEFT!). I love Coconut Bliss ice cream, might have to find a way to keep it from melting in my Pascha basket this year.

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  1. I am insane for Larry & Luna Coconut Bliss ice cream!! I have only tried one flavor, and became so hooked it’s all I ever buy!! I go to Nourish Market on Wealthy, and I get the chocolate peanut butter. It is the best ice cream I’ve ever had, vegan or non, hands down!!

    • Oooh, they didn’t have chocolate peanut butter at Harvest Health! I’m going to have to start a list now of everything you mentioned so I’ll remember it in April!

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