2015 Pascha Basket: Part 1

Yesterday I had to make a stop at Harvest Health, so I figured I might as well start grabbing things for my Pascha basket. One cool thing about Orthodox Easter (besides everything) is the candy is usually half off by the time we celebrate. Unfortunately that does very little for vegans 🙁 But I did find some gummy candies on sale at HH. No chocolate bunnies or anything.

It’s okay, though, because I’ve found some great recipes for homemade peanut butter cups, and I’m going to make my infamous booze-soaked chocolate cake. I also have macadamia nuts and pine nuts for making fancy vegan cheese (hoping to get it fermenting Saturday). Since I don’t break the fast with the usual stuff, I just like to splurge on things like $5 bags of marshmallows or whatever.

What plans do you have for your basket this year?

0 thoughts on “2015 Pascha Basket: Part 1

  1. AWESOME!! I made last year a vegan pascha cheese – it was so good – even the omnivorous liked it. And of course we have to carry on with the ‘chicken’ and jojo’s tradition LOL I may make ‘bacon’ wrapped water chestnuts too. pretty yummy.

    • Oh wow, you really go all out!! I liked the idea of fried tofu, or I might try a nice vegan ham 🙂 I can’t decide. How do you make the vegan pascha cheese?

      • Ugh…never any luck with vegan ham…tried making my own and tried packaged – really awful lol I will email you the recipe for the pascha cheese. Real good on toast with smart balance all melted on there. They like the pascha breads the ladies make at church. Too much animal stuff in them for me. Eggs butter…no thanks.

    • You made a vegan Pascha cheese! How exciting!! (I assume the Greek/russian paska cheese with cherries?) I’m trying to do that this year with cashew ‘cream cheese’ and coconut milk ‘cottage cheese’. What did you do last year? Have a blessed Holy Week!

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