Greenlite Meals: Day 1

Well, I got off to a rough start with my Greenlite Meals today because I forgot to grab my meal menu last night, so I ended up not eating breakfast until 11am. Then I didn’t have time to eat lunch in the afternoon, so I had the snack around 2:30pm, and ate the dinner and lunch together around 7pm. Nothing was thawed ahead of time. Oops! But I made it work. Also, after breakfast I decided to keep track of calories for anyone who cares.

2015-6-1 Greenlite Review Vegan
The Acai Bowl w/Granola Pack didn’t look too impressive frozen, but after defrosting the fruit…

2015-6-1 Greenlite Review Vegan2
This was actually a pretty good portion size. It was basically like a fruit soup, and it definitely needed the granola added to fill me up. One thing that threw me off is there were chia seeds in the granola, but they weren’t listed in the ingredients. I usually add chia seeds to my overnight oatmeal to help thicken it, because the chia seeds gel when they soak, so I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to add the oatmeal and let it sit or what. I just ate it 🙂

Calories: I had already tossed the package before I decided to count calories, but a similar breakfast in this meal plan has 230

2015-6-1 Greenlite Review Vegan3
About 30 minutes later I was hungry again, so I had my snack – this little fruit bowl. I pretty much only like frozen fruit in a smoothie, this was watery and not that great, and it was a little repetitive after the acai bowl. At least I had something to hold me over for a minute.

Calories: 70

2015-6-1 Greenlite Review Vegan4
Finally around 7pm I had time to break out a couple pans and heat the Kale Quinoa Salad that was meant to be my lunch, and the Spicy Shredded Tofu. With the tofu I was allowed to choose two sides since it was a smaller portion. A total of four sides came with the meal plan, two sides of black beans and two sides of Brussels sprouts. I went with both packs of beans.

So, the salad was great as-is. It had cranberries and almonds it, and I could smell the garlic while it cooked. I did not add a thing.
Calories: 300

The tofu also was wonderful, kind of like a buffalo tofu but not as spicy. I thought I’d mix the black beans right in, luckily I tasted them first. I hadn’t looked at the ingredients – they were *just* beans, no seasonings, no nothing. I added salt, pepper, and garlic with a little olive oil.
100 for shredded tofu
110 x2 for two servings of black beans
120 for added olive oil

I also had a Live Soda with a total of 60 calories.

After I added it all up and realized I had only consumed a total of 1100 calories

I treated myself to a glass of chocolate cashew milk. It’s been an hour since the last meal now, and I’m hungry again! Think I’ll eat a banana.

Oh. Favorite of the day was the shredded tofu with black beans, once the black beans were seasoned.

9 thoughts on “Greenlite Meals: Day 1

  1. Wow – that dinner plate looks really good! This is going to be an interesting experiment because it involves almost no cooking, which is what you do! So this will be like a “cooking fast”!

      • As a vegan, I make my own food, exactly what I like. Sometimes I get bean burrito at Taco Bell or something from Lai Thai, and I do use some frozen & prepared stuff. Mostly, I make my own food at home. What you’re doing this week: I like the idea of taking a break from the cooking, but the part about letting go and just taking whatever is provided – – I am not sure I could do it! Ha ha!

  2. Nice and healthy. Just the way I like it. Can’t wait to see what you have tomorrow or rather . . . today! Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like an interesting trial. The meals look tasty but maybe not the fruit bowl… 1100 calories is about the amount of calories for a child or very small adult. Is this a diet plan?

    • That’s the weird part, it didn’t say it was supposed to be a diet plan, but the website doesn’t give much information at all. There’s no way I could survive on that amount for long! …well, first world problems here, but you know what I mean 🙂

  4. The meals do look great…I would need 3 times as much to keep my…physique LOL You are right K, there isn’t much info on the website – I can’t even find anything confirming if it is ALL vegan or not. Thanks for sharing this experience with us all!! <3

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