Greenlite Meals: Day 2

On to Day 2! This morning I had another session with my personal trainer and I felt like I was DYING. Well, I actually felt like I was going to fall asleep in the middle of a round of planks (tabata, ugh). I knew I couldn’t make it on 1200 calories, so my idea of only eating what comes with the meal plan has already gone straight out the window. If I were living a more sedentary lifestyle this would be great, but right now I’m burning too many calories. So.

2015-6-2 Greenlite Review Vegan
After the gym I heated the tofu scramble in a skillet. There were a few big chunks of broccoli and summer squash, and some other minced veggies that I think were zucchini, bell pepper, and green onions. Even though the scramble was only seasoned with Mrs. Dash, it was perfect. However there was no added fat. And I needed that fat.
Scramble, 230
1/2 Tbsp added olive oil, 60

I also had a slice of toast. Carbs are your friend when you’re working out.

Stone House sourdough bread, 84
Earth Balance margarine, 50

Small glass of chocolate cashew milk, 45
2015-6-2 Greenlite Review Vegan2
For lunch I had the Moroccan Soup (said stew on the package and soup on the menu, looks more like soup to me).

2015-6-2 Greenlite Review Vegan2a
It had both chickpeas and lentils in it, so this one little bowl was packed with iron and protein. And the cauliflower added Vitamin C, necessary to absorb the iron. Besides that, it just tasted good!! I noticed it’s a little high in sodium, maybe that’s why I liked it so much 🙂 I did have a strong urge to add crushed crackers or something to bulk it up. I wish they would add pureed lentils to the broth to thicken it, but flavor-wise it didn’t need a thing.

Calories: 180

2015-6-2 Greenlite Review Vegan3
I was still a little hungry afterwards and busted out my frozen snack, a little pouch of Peanut Butter ice cream made with frozen bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, agave, and protein powder. The sweet treat made me happily feel like I was cheating, but…

Calories: 230. Not too bad considering my lunch was under 200.

It also had 15g of protein, which is great after Abbey tries to kill me.

2015-6-2 Greenlite Review Vegan4
And finally brown rice Pasta Primavera for dinner. I’m not gluten free, but I don’t mind eating gluten free foods; however, I would like to eat MOAR. To me this serving size is more like a side. It was very tasty and I wanted to keep eating it, but, alas, it was gone too soon. As you can see, I added a piece of garlic bread to extend my meal.
This is not even on a dinner plate, by the way – it’s a tiny little salad plate 🙁

Calories: 420

Stone House sourdough bread, 84
Earth Balance margarine, 50

My favorite today was the tofu scramble, although it could’ve been the Moroccan soup if only it had been thicker.

Total calorie count so far: 1433
I say so far because I’m still feeling so hungry! I’m hoping to hold myself over with a serving of kombucha at 70 calories, and some fresh fruit.

4 thoughts on “Greenlite Meals: Day 2

  1. Did you purposely put the yellow squash, from the tofu scramble, like that so we could enjoy it’s happy little smile?

  2. The meals look rather good for being frozen ones. If they just double the sizes I might be willing to test it out. Just not with a Tabata training the same day. ha-ha

    • Exactly!!! I emailed them about the portion sizes, I’m still waiting to hear back. Today’s meals have been tasty so far, but would only total 820 calories. It seems unsafe to me.

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