Greenlite Meals: Day 4

Today was supposed to be an 830 calorie day, but I was not having that!

2015-6-4 Greenlite Vegan Review
Started the day with Sausage Veggie Crumbles. It was a little smokey, and when I heated it in the skillet the maple syrup caramelized. There were onions, zucchini and summer squash. The sausage crumbles are made with TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein), and it has kind of an off taste if you don’t let it brown. There’s a ton of protein in it so it was very filling…at first. I thought I was going to have to save my salad yet again, but ended up eating it after all about 30 minutes. I added Daiya shreds and a turkey-style deli slice to fatten it up.

Calories: 220

For the salad:
1/8 C Daiya shreds, 45
2 Tbsp dressing, 40
deli slice, 25
I don’t count calories from raw veggies

2015-6-4 Greenlite Vegan Review2
For lunch I had this wonderful lemony chickpea salad. Another high protein dish – today’s meal plan would be good for a day when I’m lifting [12 pound weights] 🙂

Calories: 320

2015-6-4 Greenlite Vegan Review3
This fruit bar, my snack for the day, is the best thing I’ve had so far. It had a wonderful fruit filling between two sweet layers of what basically tasted like oatmeal cookies. I wish I had 10 of them!

Calories: 230

2015-6-4 Greenlite Vegan Review4
Tonight my dinner was Curry Seitan Medley, another smokey dish with lots of veggies. I plated it over a Spicy Buffalo Qrunch Burger, a perfect combination. I got Tete to try the seitan crumbles and she said, very surprised, “It’s not bad!” Haha. Nope. It was very good.

Calories: 290

Qrunch Burger, 190

Total calories for the day came to 1360 at the end of this meal. That was still a little low, so I treated myself to a homemade low sugar, 3-ingredient peanut butter cookie, and a small glass of Califia Cold Brew. The two combined probably added another 200 calories bringing me to 1560 for the day.

By the way, have you guys tried Qrunch Burgers yet? I will be having a giveaway for a free box of them soon. They’re gluten free, and made with quinoa and veggies instead of chewy soy. They have lots of uses outside the bun!

Anyway, I think I’m getting the hang of this meal planning business.

5 thoughts on “Greenlite Meals: Day 4

  1. Everything always looks so delicious again! If the company would only double the amounts or something it would be a great option it seems for busy people. Now I want to try to make an oatmeal filled bar thing too… Mmmm I’ve never tried Qrunch Burgers because whenever I look at them in the stores here it is not vegan. 🙁

    • Qrunch Burgers?? Will you do me a huge favor – if you see them somewhere and they have non-vegan ingredients, could you snap a picture for me? I was assured all the burgers are vegan, although I think one of the breakfast bars might have honey in it. But the burgers are supposed to all be vegan, I’ll be so disappointed 🙁

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