Greenlite Meals, Day 5: I Think "They" Are Trying to Kill Me

Today was going to be the worst day ever because…it was supposed to be an 820 calorie day. I don’t know why Greenlite Meals is doing this to me, but don’t worry, I didn’t let it happen.

2015-6-5 Greenlite Review Vegan
First of all, the day started with this Blueberry Protein “Muffin”. It’s basically just a muffin top, except not, because it’s flat like a cookie. And because, ya know, there was no muffin bottom to begin with.

2015-6-5 Greenlite Review Vegan2
So you can tell how big it isn’t, this is a 1/4 C measuring cup. The “muffin” was okay, but it definitely had a protein shake aftertaste. The texture was also a bit off since the only flour used was oat flour. I wouldn’t have minded if this were today’s snack, but it was meant to be my breakfast.

Calories: 120

I also had a Qrunch Maple Toastable for another 120 calories, with a little jam for an additional 25.
Afterwards, I actually measured my almond milk to see exactly how much I’d been drinking. I discovered I’d been using a 3oz glass all week, not 8! So I gave myself one 8oz glass and didn’t count the calories.

2015-6-5 Greenlite Review Vegan3
For lunch I had Mixed Bean Chili, mild but tasty. I was very hungry by this time, so I added some Follow Your Heart cheese shreds, plus two crushed crackers.

Calories: 210

1/8 C shreds, 35
2 crackers, 80

2015-6-5 Greenlite Review Vegan4
For my snack, I had a Carrot Coconut Scramble. This was simply shredded carrots and coconut with agave. I’m not sure scramble is the right name for it, but it was good. Didn’t exactly satisfy my sweet tooth, but it was very filling. For an hour or two.

Calories: 140

2015-6-5 Greenlite Review Vegan5
When I got home from work I cooked up the Blueberry Chipotle Tempeh Stir Fry, and melted down some Daiya for a cheese sauce. Although this is a hideous color, they did a great job with the tempeh.

2015-6-5 Greenlite Review Vegan6
I actually thought I hated tempeh, but this was very tender and flaky and sort of…chickenish, a little. It was very spicy, but luckily not enough to give me hiccups. That’s the worst. I was going to have this with tortilla chips, but I only ate a couple because they were stale 🙁

Calories: 350

1/4 Daiya shreds, 90

2015-6-5 Greenlite Review Vegan7
So I treated myself to a little cookie and a cup of coffee. You will notice this cookie is about the same size as that “muffin”.

Calories: Undetermined.

Total calories for the day: 1170 plus whatever for the two stale chips and the cookie.

I would like to be eating a donut for National Donut Day, but I heard someone nearly choked to death on one at the JFK airport this morning, so…I guess I’ll play it safe and go without.

12 thoughts on “Greenlite Meals, Day 5: I Think "They" Are Trying to Kill Me

  1. The only worthwhile blogs are the honest ones. This blog is candid, honest, and is so much fun! Hee hee!

  2. Oh my goodness! They are trying to kill you with that “muffin” piece. My question is what happened to the other part? Maybe if you look hard it’s still in your freezer.. hehe That’s just not right to tease your taste-buds with such a tiny little sweet breakfast…. Maybe one could use that to be the topper on a banana nice cream in the morning…. mmmmm No tempeh? Have you tried Tempeh Frijoles Chili from PPK? You might fall in love with tempeh.

    • I have not tried it, I hadn’t even heard of it. I just googled it now, thank you!
      Seriously. I was emailing them back and forth, and finally I guess I got a little sarcastic and they just quit answering. I have to pick a day this week to have my last set up meals and then I can’t wait to share those emails!

    • Wow, you must have amazing willpower! I remember when I first went vegan I struggled to hit 1200 calories a day because all the convenience food wasn’t available, and I also didn’t know how to cook 🙂 Maybe I love eating too much now!

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