Greenlite Meals: Day 6

Okay, I finally decided to get on to Day 6, and lo and behold, there was actually a decent number of calories in today’s menu!

2015-6-9 Greenlite Vegan Meal Butter Finger Oatmeal
I started my morning with Butterfinger Oatmeal, basically a peanut butter chocolate oatmeal that seemed very promising. BUT. I did read a review about this same problem, so I know it’s not just me. It tastes good at first, but then there’s a really heavy taste of protein powder. Maybe it’s just something you have to get used to, I dunno. Greenlite recommends adding non-dairy milk when you heat the oatmeal to keep it from drying out. I added chocolate almond milk. Even still, it was very thick and sticky, and hard to get down.

Calories: 410
almond milk, 30

2015-6-9 Greenlite Vegan Meal Mushroom Kale Masala
For lunch I had the Mushroom & Kale Masala with quinoa, it was very tasty – so good I may have tipped the bowl to drink the sauce left at the bottom…. I also had four vegetarian stuffed grape leaves that had no nutritional info available.

Calories: 240
grape leaves, estimated 300

2015-6-9 Greenlite Vegan Meal trail mix
I had a trail mix with walnuts,cashews, sunflower seeds, cranberries & raisins for my snack. I wanted a big bowl, it was nice and sweet. So sweet I wondered if there was anything added to it, but there was no sweetener listed. Maybe because it was frozen and thawed and the berries and raisins got sticky, it coated the walnuts and seeds. Anyway, it was very good.

Calories: 280

2015-6-9 Greenlite Vegan Meal Korean BBQ
And for dinner, Korean BBQ Stir Fry with tofu as the protein. It had a smoky sweet BBQ sauce that I really enjoyed, I just wish it had been thicker, something that would stick to the tofu.

Calories: 310

I grazed a little after dinner, I’m not even sure what I ate 🙁

Total calories for the stuff I know I ate: 1570 – and that’s a whopping 1240 from the meal plan. Wow. Finally.

Make sure you’re around tomorrow when I start taking entries for my next giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And later to read about my last Greenlite Meal. And even later to read all the emails between me and Greenlite regarding the calorie count of these meals. And eventually my final review.

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