Giveaway: FREE FOOD!!!!!!! Coupons for Qrunch Foods & Daiya Cheese

Well aren’t you lucky, it’s that time again – time for another coupon giveaway! The winner of this giveaway will receive:

2 coupons for FREE Qrunch Foods products
2 coupons for FREE Daiya Cheese products (up to $5.99 off)
2 coupons for $1 off Qrunch Foods Products

Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy Qrunch Burgers and Daiya Cheese shreds. Qrunch Foods also makes Toastables, similar to the burgers but they are bars that come in breakfast flavors. Daiya now makes pizza, cheesecake, cheese blocks, cheese slices, cream cheese, and I hear…mac n cheese!

How it Works
Now boys and girls, I’m going to give you an assignment. I want you to write…a theme (A Christmas Story, remember?). You may enter this contest once a day every day from now until the contest closes at Midnight on Sunday, June 14. To enter, write your theme, “My Plans for the Summer,” below in the comments. Bonus entry if your theme somehow includes Qrunch Foods or Daiya Cheese 🙂

Again, the contest closes at midnight on Sunday, June 14. On Monday, a winner will be randomly selected to receive the coupons. The winner will be contacted by Tuesday, June 16.

Good luck!

27 thoughts on “Giveaway: FREE FOOD!!!!!!! Coupons for Qrunch Foods & Daiya Cheese

  1. My plans for summer….keeping the kids busy! That includes park play dates, vacation bible school, swim lessons, weeks with grandparents, crafts, cooking and much more!

  2. My summer includes lots of foraging, tending my veggie garden and enjoying my grandchildren. I’ll also be painting my house and working which means Qrunch burgers and Daiya Cheese will provide meals in a hurry.

  3. I am really looking forward to going to Wheatland again this year. Unfortunately, there’s no Qrunch Burgers or Daiya Cheese, BUT they do have **awesome** vegan gravy and potatoes I get every year … plus three days of blue grass and barefoot fun.

  4. I just became a vegan a few weeks ago, so my summer plans involve figuring out how to veganize traditional recipes. 🙂 That means lots of Daiya from what I can tell!

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  6. I’ll be getting ready to build a clay oven in my backyard. Once it’s up and running I can bake some pizza topped with Daiya Cheese and Spicy Italian Qrunch Burger with foraged mushrooms.

  7. My plans for the summer include going to camp Nazareth with my husband and baby, and having a cookout with both sides of the family for 4th of July. Could try some Qrunch burgers on the grill with Daiya cheese!

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, do you think they’d let you eat it *while* you’re giving birth and C could take a picture of your face to post here on the blog? Anyway, +2.

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  9. I’m going to the Buttermilk Jamboree this summer!!!! Before I go I’ll eat delicious Qrunch burger topped with Daiya Cheese.

  10. My plans for summer are to get a nice tan and try to get my BFF to visit me and cook me a Qrunch Burger. Even though I eat meat, I really liked it when she made it for me before.

  11. We will be visiting Omaha this summer go to the zoo, which was rated as the top zoo in the world by some travel publication. The great part about this zoo is that they have a picnic area where you can eat your own packed lunch, as opposed to the $5 corn dogs they sell. We have an ice chest and Qrunch and Daiya, especially the cheesecake, would be a welcome addition to our meal.

  12. This summer I’m going to Chicago to stay with my daughter after she has given birth my third grand-baby. Having Qrunch burgers & Daiya Cheese in the house will make meal preparations a breeze!

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