Donut Sandwich

Can we talk about donuts again? Because I haven’t been able to bring myself to eat the last day’s worth of Greenlite meals yet – I’ll try to do that Friday. So instead I want to remind you about the contest I posted yesterday (click on the orange!!), and…I want to talk about donut sandwiches.

2015-6-11 Donut Sandwich Vegan
The apricot jelly really would’ve tasted better with a ham flavor, but it is what it is.

2015-6-11 Donut Sandwich Vegan2
I just cut one of those beautiful fried yeast-risen donuts right in half, smeared a little jelly on each side, added a few deli slices, and then a cheese sauce I made by melting down some Daiya shreds in almond milk. A touch of pepper is nice.

2015-6-11 Donut Sandwich Vegan3
See, the ham-style would be better because then you get the salty and sweet combination. The turkey-style was a little flat. But since it was all wrapped up in a donut, it still made me happy 😀

2015-6-11 Donut Sandwich Vegan4
Just be sure to let the cheese cool a little before you put the second half of the donut on top ‘cuz it’ll slide right off.

What would you put in your donut?????

5 thoughts on “Donut Sandwich

  1. I would spread some cashew walnut cheese on one side and slather a heavy dose of miso mayo on the other, and then top the mayo side with heirloom tomatoes, eggplant fakon, onions and romaine lettuce. And for crunch either a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt or some organic potato chips.

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