Hampton Creek Just Cookies Review

Hampton Creek Just Cookies Review: Orthodox and Vegan
You guys, I think I just found my new favorite store-bought treat: Hampton Creek Just Cookies. I finally found them at my local Target, on sale for $2.99 for a box of 6 (regularly $3.49). Unfortunately they didn’t have Peanut Butter, but the Chocolate Chunk and Double Chocolate Espresso flavors looked amazing. Both are vegan, just like all Hampton Creek products! They do contain wheat, soy, and coconut.

Hampton Creek Just Cookies Review: Orthodox and Vegan
Hampton Creek sells the cookies individually wrapped, ensuring freshness. I love the clean, white packaging, and I was especially pleased to see the easy-tear packs so I could get at the cookies quickly. Once I opened them, the smell was driving me crazy while I took pictures! Plus it was 90 degrees out and the chocolate chunks were getting beautifully melty in the sun (because I just had to photograph them outside, on a rock).

The cookies were soft and chewy, and Hampton Creek did not skimp on the chocolate chunks. I especially liked the espresso flavor, it reminded me of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy Chocolate Caramel Fudge ice cream 😀 They’re a decent size (38g) and both flavors have 170 calories each, with 6 to 8 grams of sugar. They’re definitely cookies and not any kind of health food, the nutritional value is similar to their non-vegan counterparts – although these are cholesterol free and have less sugar than, say, Chips Ahoy. There is also no hydrogenated oil.

Just Cookies are so good, I’m tempted to head over to Wal-Mart(!) to see if they have the Peanut Butter flavor.

Have you tried Just Cookies yet? What did you think???

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! I’ll give these a whirl when I’m able to eat sweets again. Great review! Love the pictures. Well done!

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