Dormition Fast: Paraklesis

Paraklesis to the Theotokos | Orthodox Quotes from Orthodox and Vegan

Make request, O Pure Mother to thy Son,
who hath willed to grant mercy to us,
to rescue from transgressions and from the soul’s defilement
those who cry out most faithfully.
O God of our Fathers, blessed art Thou.
-Paraklesis to the Mother of God, Ode VII, 3

I noticed today that the cover of my copy of the Paraklesis to the Mother of God reads, “To be chanted in every tribulation and in sorrow of soul and every night of the Dormition Lent.” Well, it’s the first day of the Dormition Fast (aka Dormition Lent) so I figured I’d share a few quotes during the next couple weeks.

If you haven’t already, check my Dormition Fast page for fasting guidelines and some meal ideas.

Blessed Fast!

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